15 quick and easy team building activities for all employees

The effective way to increase the productivity level of employees in the organization is by making them all work together. If all the employees are working in sync to achieve the goal of an organization, then nothing can stop that organization from becoming successful. However, the team leader must gel the entire team together and resolve conflicts among employees before they get too serious.

Managers can try multiple team building activities to develop trust and cohesiveness among the team members.  The top 15 activities that managers should try to improve the efficiency of employees are –

Relaxing Introductions

When a new member is joining the team, then the team leader should create a relaxing and welcoming environment for the new entry. They should organize a casual event of introducing new team member like they can ask other team members to introduce themselves funnily by relating their personality with one cartoon character.

Positive Start

Team leaders can ask their team members to start their day on a positive note by creating a vision chart. Each team member should create the vision chart to express a goal for the entire team which should be discussed among other team members so that everyone can work together to achieve that goal.

Hypothetical Questions

The very common team building activities that managers use usually are asking hypothetical questions from the entire team and giving them two minutes to come up with an answer. This activity develops the ability to collectively take decisions among employees.

Worst Job

Team managers can ask their team to go around and ask them to share their worst ever job experience. This activity can break the ice and give team members something common to discuss.

Map Activity

This is a very fun activity where the manager can print the world map and ask each team member to mark the place of their birth and share one fun fact of their birthplace. This activity will bring the team more closely as they get familiar with each other’s culture and heritage.

My Name

When a new team is gathering up for the very first time, then this team building activity can be played. In this activity, ask every member of the team adds a single adjective in front of their name with the same letter like Sassy Susie, Dramatic Donna, etc., This activity helps the team in remembering everyone’s name.

Guess Who

This is a trust-building activity in which one member writes the name of famous city or person and stick on the head of another member who has to guess the name which will be in-acted by the entire team. It is a fun way of developing trust among the team.

Say Name Backwards

It is the best team building activity to add some humor. The manager should ask each team member to pronounce its name in backward like Peter will become Retep and Emma will Amme.

Passion Discussion

This activity will bond team members on an intellectual level. The team leader can ask the entire team to write their passion on the piece of paper and put in the bowl. One person should draw each paper and discuss the passion written on it and help each other to achieve their passion.

Would You Rather

During work break team can play the adult version of would you rather. Team members can questions from one another like “would you rather work three days a week for ten years, or seven days a week for three years?”

Spin the Bottle

To encourage employees to think promptly, this activity can be very useful. The manager should let team seat in the circle and the middle should spin a bottle and on the person whom bottle stops had to name a movie that hasn’t been named by anyone before.

20 Questions

Out of all the team building activities, this is the most cliché activity in which entire team would ask twenty ‘yes’ or ‘no’ based questions from one member to know more about that person.

One Day President

It is an activity where the manager can one question from each team member – what would you change if you become president for one day? This question will create the opportunity of debate and helps the team in understanding the point of view of one another.

Island Question

Another cliché question that will be asked from the team is – if they are left one island alone, then what will they take with them. This activity will help in examining the out of the box thinking the talent of the team.

Don’t Smile

It is a fun and self-controlling activity where the manager can make an entire team seat in a circle and ask them to stare at each other for as long as possible without smiling or laughing. This activity will show the self-control of employees.

Sometimes organizing fun and entertaining team building activities is a good idea to refresh your employees and develop a feeling of trust in the team. When the team shares some laughter, then they can bond even better.

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