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Medicine courses don’t just provide health skills but leadership abilities, human understanding, and clinical skills. It’s a comprehensive program that gives knowledge on how to handle individual lives.  Medicine study is a profession that creates a difference in many people’s lives. It requires passion and resilience to cope with ever-changing environments.  Australia is famous for hosting the world’s largest and leading universities. The institutions provide quality and certified education. However, the course prices are quite high, but most students prefer to study medicine in Australia. The cost doesn’t deter international students from traveling and getting a quality education.  After studies, Australia has lucrative jobs, fine affordable living with nice weather and sites.

Medicine study in Australia is highly in demand from international students. The medical programs are, however, governed by strict regulations. All universities offering the courses have to meet the set requirement and select high-qualified students to enroll in the courses.  The undergraduate medicine (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery 6years) requires students to fulfill these three criteria during course application.

  1. Academic merits
  • The grades should go in line with the A-levels, International Baccalaureate, or an equivalent.
  • The Australian medical school doesn’t accept any BTEC diplomas for one to enroll in the medicine course.
  1. Aptitude test scores
  2. Interview
  • The student will have several Skype or phone interviews. However, you need to appear for a formal interview, which determines whether you qualify for the course.
  • You need to provide your academic and aptitude test scores.
  • You must have completed your school and have strong grades.

How to study medicine in Austria

  1. Cost of studying medicine in Australia

Australia’s education is quite pricey but the best quality, especially in the Medicine sector. The majority of medical students opt to take medicine study in Australia. It offers a guarantee of the best skills and professionalism.  The estimated cost of a degree in medicine goes from AUD 400,000 to AUD 450,000.  The Australian government doesn’t offer a full scholarship for international students. However, you can search for a high scholarship to help you fund your education. International students can get sites such as CatEight to assist in finding scholarships and affordable universities.

  1. Australian universities offering medical education

The Australian medical council fully accredits universities and colleges offering Medical education.  International students should check with their medical councils back in the home country if the degrees attained from Australian universities are valued. These will help you learn which university to enroll in.

  1. Eligibility for the undergraduate and graduate medical program

The undergraduate course goes for five to six years. This applies to students who have completed their 12-year schooling.  The undergraduate should:

  • Appear for the UMAT or ISAT.
  • If you’re applying to the University of Adelaide, you have to offer the PQA.
  • Provide your 12-year high school education details and year 12 English equivalent.

The test is required to show each student logical reasoning and their take on medical education.

The graduate medical program

For graduate students, the course goes for four years. The applicant should have the following details:

  • A complete basic degree in science.
  • They must appear for GAMSAT or MCAT test in person.

These test helps range the student knowledge in science subjects.

The aptitude test for international students

The majority of Australian universities require aptitude test scores during the application.  The test is referred to as the international student admission test (ISAT). All other universities require the test besides the University of Adelaide. The university provides its test PQA.  The ISAT test is headed and administered by the Australian council for educational research ACER.  Students need to take the test from the computer devices (3-hour test). It’s a multiple-choice test which you can avail anytime.

In conclusion, medical studies in Australia provide a wide array of opportunities. After completing the course, the student must work as an intern for a year. They later register with the state medical registration board and work as resident medical officers or hospital medical officers.  This offers a great experience which you can practice back in your home country.

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