Stopping Hair Fall The Natural And An Ayurvedic Manner

For everyone hair fall is one of the common causes of concern. Be it a man or a woman no one is spared from the hair strands that keep on falling down. A weak scalp goes on to shed more hair than what is grown. You can opt for rogan almond oil for hair that addresses this issue to a considerable extent. There could be a host of reasons for hair fall mainly vitamin deficiency, excessive use of hair care products are the main ones.

In this modern era of hair straightening, bonding, keratin therapies or bonding the hair is prone to become a victim of chemicals. Therefore it goes on to weaken the follicles. Coupled with this fact the emotional or physical stress including hormonal changes weakens the hair follicles. In fact this further goes on to weaken the hair. This is all about the scary aspect. But hold on! Better news in the form of treatment is available. There are a host of Ayurveda treatments that helps to address the issues of hair loss. Not only it prevents hair fall but hair growth also emerges from such treatment.

Shampoos rich in protein

If deficiency of protein occurs it can lead to brittle hair. Not only you need to opt for a protein rich diet but move over to products that are rich in proteins. One of the ingredients that has high protein value is Kelp and works as an active stimulant.

For maximum absorption stick to serum

In many cases what oil cannot do serum does. It goes on to absorb in the scalp easily and would not leave excess oil. A lot of people have cashed in the benefit of serum for a period of 3 weeks.


For a considerable period of time neem has been used to deal with issues of hair loss. Once you regularly use neem on your scalp it encourages blood circulation and goes on to strengthen the roots. This leads to hair growth. Even with the help of neem you can treat lice and dandruff.

You need to boil neem leave for 15 minutes and keep it aside for it to cool. Once the solution cools you have to strain the liquid. The neem infused water is to be collected in a jug and keep it aside. You have to wash and condition your hair and for a final rinse pour the neem infused water. There is no need to rinse your hair any further

For effective results this remedy is to repeated three time a week

To sum it up a strong suggestion is to head back to nature and opt for natural, Ayurveda and organic ways to grow your hair. Keep away from chemical products and provide your hair the nourishment that it deserves. Stick to Ayurveda products that were the recipe of success for your grandmother and your ancestors. Rogan almond oil for hair is one of the listed products and there are an extensive range of available products.

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