3 Steps to Making your Mailing List Work Positively for you

Wondering why your bulk emails get little or no response? Frankly, you are wasting your time if your marketing strategy involves buying a third-party list and sending bulk sales emails to recipients. Your emails can be perceived as spam and annoying because the recipient simply does not know you or your company. And you may feel a little discouraged that you didn’t get the kind of response you initially anticipated.

How do you get a positive response from your mailing list? The answer lies in the art of developing “personal relationships.” You can form and nurture genuine relationships through various forms of communication: Facebook, Myspace, or through a phone call.

You want to be interested in your “customers” as much as you want them to be interested in your product. If you are caring and genuine with a customer, as the saying goes, your network becomes your network and “referrals” become your bloodline you can also take help from captainverify.

3 Steps to Make your Mailing List Work Positively for you and to Build Positive Relationships:

Step 1

One of the best ways to start building relationships with your current and potential clients is “free consultations.” They give you and your company the opportunity to develop a genuine and personal relationship. This sets the stage for your customers because, without having to make a purchase, they have the opportunity to learn more about you. Wouldn’t you want this type of service from another company?

You can run a free consultation by having potential clients fill out evaluation forms on your website. Or you can host a free webinar or live online seminar. You can follow up with people after such seminars to provide one-on-one feedback and answer any individual questions.

One of the exciting marketing aspects implemented by Internet Marketing University is the “online / virtual office hours” for people who have the opportunity to directly contact owner Brian Campbell, an Internet marketing guru.

Step 2

Get on the phone! A phone call to your prospects, especially a follow-up from those who filled out an evaluation form, could make the deal! What you are showing here is a genuine interest in them.

Regardless of where your customers are physically located, today they are literally a phone call or a computer call away with the availability and development of VoIP technology. Skype has pioneered the concept of Internet calling and offers free computer-to-computer calls.

Make sure your Skype and other phone information, including toll free numbers, are visible and accessible on your website. Check out Skype for additional services that are affordable and convenient.

Step 3

If you haven’t realized this yet, follow up, follow up, follow up … with individuals individually! Mass group emails are impersonal and a huge detour. Follow up with your customers by email and / or by phone. But it has to be done!

If you have a blog or site that allows visitor feedback, be sure to follow up with people by acknowledging and thanking their feedback. Be sure to follow up on any questions or comments left with you.

A Two-Way Relationship that Starts with you

Building personal relationships is a two-way stream. As a business, you should initiate that relationship by providing opportunities for customers to learn more about you, whether it’s on your social media site or during office hours, etc. Following up on your initial communication is vital. Creativity and innovation are also important in the relationship building process. Consider hosting podcasts, webcasts, and / or videos if you haven’t already done so to improve the quality of your service / product to your customer.

In a highly competitive world, where every customer is essential to a business, companies have quickly realized the importance of genuine personal relationships. In essence, they invite customers to events and lunches and have started customer recognition events to show their appreciation. As a small business, you can keep it simple and develop very important relationships with your customers without spending a lot of money. Get started building relationships today by implementing creative strategies and be sure to follow up at all costs!

Kishan Rana

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