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Preschool is a crucial milestone in the education of a child. Children enrolled in a top-quality Singapore preschool enjoy a positive learning environment driven by fully-prepared educators and an engaging learning philosophy based on hands-on approach and self-exploration. Read on to discover the benefits of a Singapore early childhood education facility.

Modern learning philosophy

Singapore preschools employ a comprehensive teaching methodology that provides children with a vibrant and fun learning environment based on playing and exploring things around them. They have the chance to make amazing discoveries about the surrounding world through funny games and experiments. The games aim for both an entertaining purpose and an enlightening mission, as kids learn how different things work and boost their cognitive capabilities.

After witnessing demonstrations from tutors, kids are encouraged to apply the knowledge into practice by creating and experimenting themselves. They are challenged with uneasy cognitive tasks where they have to find clever solutions in teams based on previous experience from games. This helps them acquire a sharp thinking and the ability to make connections between things, which is the first step to developing an impeccable logic.

Qualified and dedicated tutors

None of the learning philosophies can give results if the teacher has a poor preparation. Singapore elite preschools hire only fully-prepared tutors with a wide baggage of knowledge in interacting with kids in a positive and fruitful manner. They use their whole set of tutoring skills to create a strong educational foundation in kids that will help them become future community leaders and outstanding professionals.

Comprehensive and balanced curriculum

Children are entitled to an all-round development program that helps them become good in a variety of life domains. We speak about literacy and numeracy that plant the first seeds of logic and analytic abilities in the fragile minds of preschoolers.

Along with that comes physical improvement that aims at developing the motor skills of children via exercising and practicing sports.

The focus falls on basic abilities like running and jumping as well as on manipulative skills like throwing and catching.

Creative activities also have an honorable place in the daily curriculum. Children participate in writing, storytelling, creating artworks, dancing and playing musical instruments. Such classes are a great chance to discover hidden talents and encourage gifted kids to aspire in developing their artistic personality.

Last but not least comes emotional intelligence and social skills. Children are engaged in a multitude of social activities where they strongly interact with each other, learning to work in a team, share feelings and exchange ideas for achieving common good. For example, they will be divided into small groups to carry out experiments and create cars or other items.

Different areas of interest

Each person is good at something. With this in mind, Singapore preschools commits’ itself to providing children with the opportunity to thrive in the area of their own interest. There are profound-learning programs in science, arts, maths, bilingualism and culture learning. These classes will come as extracurricular, completing the classes related to acquiring basic abilities in literacy, socializing and physical development.

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