Simple Space Saving Ideas for Your Home

Whether your home is big or small, you could still benefit from creating extra space. It is time you renovate your house to make it more organized and create more space. Below are some stylish and quick space-saving ideas to consider.

Pull Out Study Tables

Most people are now working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you don’t have enough space or an extra room to use as your office, this idea will work well. You only need to install a sliding table at any place in your home. When it’s time to work, simply add a chair and pull out the table. Remove the chair and push back the table once you’re done.

Have Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage will save you both space and money to buy another drawer. If you have more clothes that can’t fit in your closet and your bedroom is small, consider this idea. Use this space to store clothes you don’t regularly use, like seasonal clothes and extra bedsheets.

Consider Pocket Door Idea

Maximize the little space in your home by installing a pocket door. First, what is a pocket door? They slide on a track of a recess installed in a wall. Pocket doors give privacy and provide additional storage space or mirror installation.

Space-Saving Dining Tables

These are extendable and foldable dining tables. The extendable ones can stretch out to accommodate more people. You can compress them back to their usual size when you’re done eating. The foldable dining tables can be folded back and stored away when they are not in use.

Kids Loft Beds Idea

Nowadays, most parents have embraced the idea of having loft beds in kid’s bedrooms, especially when the rooms are small. The loft beds can be elevated, creating extra space below. Design this space according to your kids’ needs: leave it as a playing area, convert it into a walk-in closet, or put a study table.

If your children share a bedroom, consider a bunk bed to save the floor space.

Buy Wall Holders

Use the wall space for storage by installing wall holders. Wall holders are mostly found in kitchens to store cutleries and in bathrooms for the bathroom stuff. They are an excellent substitute for wall shelves or cabinets. The idea is to keep your small spaced house look as neat and organized as possible.

Wall or Murphy Beds

It is an excellent idea for homeowners who love having guests but lack space for a guest room. Murphy beds can be installed somewhere in your living room space, fold them into a wall during the day to save space, and spread them back at night when you want to sleep.

Pull-Out Bed Idea

The pull-out bed idea is ideal for a small-spaced guest room. It is an under-bed tucked in a single bed. Simply pull them out to give your guests or children a comfortable place to sleep. When not in use, push them back.

Kitchen Wall Storage for Your Cookware

Pans and cooking pots occupy a huge cupboard storage space. Why not clean and hang them on your kitchen wall. It will add a decorative element to your kitchen. To make it more fashionable and unique, ensure you only hang cookware of the same color.

Invest in Wall Shelves

Wall shelves come in handy when you don’t have enough floor space. The best thing about wall shelves is that you can install them anywhere, even in the area above your doors. Mostly, you will find them in kitchen walls for cookware and food storage, but you can uniquely design them for a small bedroom to display and store your shoes, clothes, books, and other items.

Opt for Stackable Containers

Stackable storage containers for food and spices are a sure way of utilizing all of your kitchen cabinet’s vertical space. Go for the clear ones to display your foodstuff and for easy accessibility. It is satisfying to see your food containers fit together; they make the cabinet look tidy, neat, and organized.

Having looked at all the space-saving ideas discussed above, if not all, pick the ones you believe will work well for you and turn them into a reality. The goal is to keep stuff off your floor as much as possible so your home doesn’t look cluttered.

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