Significance of Rahu Kalam Puja Mantra

Rahu Kalam comes up from Rahu and is one of the shadow planets of the Universe. Apart from Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet and that part of the day when the energies of the Uranus predominate.

Rahu & Ketu are two separate entities of the same demon king, Rahu kalam comes up- Swarbhanu. Swarbhanu was a demon king and he tortured and tormented his people from his own kingdom to somehow reach the heavens. In heavens he made sure that he too got Amrit (the juice which made the Gods eternal), something that the demons were forbidden from having, after the Samudra Manthan. Thus, his body was cut to two halves when Vishnu cut him to two pieces using his weapon. The lower half became Ketu and Rahu is the head of the entire existence.

It was for long that the two parts tried to find a way to unite but then it was Venus, ‘Shukracharya,’ the teacher of the demons who instructed them to exist as two separate being and to help guide two very different sects of demons ruling the world and protecting two very difficult wings of wisdom. Thus, Rahu became the seat of deceit and Ketu became the seat of manipulation- two ways that you need to learn when on the path of wisdom.

Deceit or Maya was the only way they lived and that could hold a certain sect of demons together- the daityas and the danava clans.

Again, manipulation was the only way, another sect of demons ruled the Earth- manipulative demons included the Rakshasha and the Asuras.

Humans learn from these four sects’ different ways of deceit and manipulation and human’s greatest strength lies in their knowledge about other wise learnings of the Universe. Thus, humans always have a choice to choose from either of these ways of survival or a higher way of survival- a way that does not disrespect anything but follows a path separate from these paths.

Rahukalam for today can definitely be the right thing to follow if you are looking forward to understanding as to which times of the day you must avoid, if you are not ready to face Rahu and his impacts over your life.

Prayers are a typical language that connects your energy levels with the planets energy level thus making them hear your voice or your plea.

So, praying to Rahu also can help since he is also a teacher now. He learnt his role in this Universe and has found a new life and a new understanding for his eternal existence.

Let us find out how or using what incantations can you offer your prayers to Rahu (Uranus).

The first prayer that you can use to pray to him daily would be-

  • Beej Mantras: The root words used as incantations for different planetary bodies.

o   “Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namaha.”

Dhum is a Beej mantra (a seed word used as an incantation for those powers that are concerned with the knowledge of hiding, saving and preparing).

o   “Om Bhraam Bhreem Braum Sah Rahave Namaha.”

o   “Om Ram Rahave Namaha.”

o   “Om Rang Rahave Namaha.”

You can use either of the mantras as a Beej Mantra. You can recite them for a 108 times, you can either use a rosary bead or you can count it on your fingers, as you deem convenient.

  • Gayatri Mantra for Rahu: Gayatri Mantra is something you can use during the morning hours.

“Tanno Rahu Prachodayat

Om Naakhadhwajayaa Vidmahae Padma Hastaaya Dheemahi.

Tanno Rahu Prachodayat”

  • Rahu Shanti Mantra: If you want to strike a peace deal with Uranus, here is the mantra.

“Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim,

Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti

Rahuaaye Chamaaye abhilaashat,

Om Rahuve Namoh Namah”

  • Purana Rahu Mantra: Purana offers you a mantra you can use to appease and calm Rahu who can shadow the Sun itself and it is believed that the northern and the southern nodes when rise above the Sun hide the Sun from plain view thus causing the Eclipse.

“Ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam

Simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham”

  • In Rig Veda the first chapter of Durga Saptasati is the best of all remedies of Rahu and it is present in the Mandala 4, Sukta 31, verse 1, you get a very powerful incantation that you can use to ensure that Rahu enlightens your path and blesses you with wisdom like no other.

“Kaya nashichitra aa bhuvaduti sadavrdhah sakha I

Kaya Sacisthaya vrta II”

So, basically you can follow a simple procedure of prayer

You can also

1)      Worship Shiva or Kaal Bhairav

2)      You can always worship Kaal Bhairav by reciting the Kaalbhairav ashtakam.

3)      Chant any of the Beej mantra of Rahu for 40000 times in 40 days.

4)      You can also recite the Rahu Stotra:

“Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam

Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.”

5)      You can give off Udad ki Daal or offer coconut on a Saturday.

6)      You can eat minimally on a Saturday or fast on the Saturdays.

7)      Wear an eight mukhi Rudraksh.


Points to remember if you want to be in Rahu’s good books:

1)      Hessonite on a silver ring in your ring finger is all you require to understand Rahu’s vibrations.

2)      Feed stray dogs with milk and Chapatti. Do not beat them and do not ill treat them.

3)      Respect your maternal grandparents and your in-laws.

4)      Do not try to take anything from anyone for free, if you have taken something for free make sure you compensate in one way or other that benefits the person in a way they would like.

5)      Eat a vegetarian diet if you can’t be on a fast.

6)      Wear black and keep a black marble in your pocket always.

7)      Black til (sesame seeds), black mustard and Udad ki Dal can be eaten if you want to receive the beneficial energies of Rahu.

Should you be scared of Rahu?

Rahu is neither malefic nor scary. But, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu do not teach a person through love, care, compassion and kindness. Rahu, Saturn and Ketu use devious ways, devices of manipulation, deceit and treacherous paths to teach humans their values and morals.

So, trying to avoid them is not at all possible. Ideally there is trickery when people ask you to wear remedies from Rahu like hessonite or a black cloth. Scientifically, it exposes you the energies of that particular planet reaching the Earth. When you come in contact with that energy force, you change and become more receptive of that energy force. Thus, you understand that energy force better and hence by understanding such energy, you definitely end up comprehending their ways and methods.

Uranus makes you understand the difference between truth and falsehoods.

Neptune makes you understand the difference between right and wrong, a righteous path and a wrongful path.

Saturn makes you understand the difference between good actions and bad actions.

To know lie from falsehoods and to understand the difference between right and wrong, to differentiate an original from a duplicate, you need to understand these teachings.

If your soul has journeyed for many births, there are some births where you have to pay for your previous actions more. We cannot break it and we have to rise and expand to understand the architecture of the world in much more details, the soul needs to go back home. The faster we rise the quicker would be our homeward journey as per Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

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