4 reasons to choose rental property loans vs. bank loans 

Are you interested in getting a rental property loan? If so, you might be wondering why this funding method can be different from bank loans. There are many reasons why you should use rental property loans – let’s see how these loans operate, how to get one, where to find the rental loans, and why they are better than your typical bank loan!

Rental property loans – everything you need to know about this funding method

First off -what is a rental property loan? Before you can understand why this is a better funding method than bank loans, you need to know what this is. Simply put, a rental property loan is a mortgage loan that is controlled by the tenant of the property, instead of being controlled by the owner of the property, such as the landlord of an apartment building. The rental property loan is controlled by the tenant of an apartment within the building. 

Visit the site to know how qualify for the rental loan, the property that is being rented must be adequate enough to rent and contain long-term tenants. Although you can use property loans for shorter periods, it is more common to use the rental property loan for long-term rentals, such as vacation places, AirBnBs, or apartment buildings. Any property that contains 1-4 units that are for rent can qualify as an investment property that will use a rental poetry loan. 

Getting a real property loan can be easier

One of the main reasons you should use a rental property loan vs. a bank loan is that you can qualify for the rental property loan than you would with a bank loan. By using the rental loan, you can choose the size of down payment on your own house, you can take the time to get around 6 months of cash ready to go, and you can have the time to improve your credit score to the Good or Very good range. 

Shorter period

The next reason to consider using a rental poetry loan vs a bank loan is that you can get the loan quicker. Instead of waiting a long time to get the loans, the usual time to get your rental property loan is between 45-60 days after an application is sent in.

Choose your down payment

The third benefit of using rental property loans is that you can choose your down payment. Although typically putting down around 80% on LTV is the optimal option, you can choose less if you do not have the funds to put down this much money.

Credit score 

The last reason to use rental property loans is that you typically only need a credit score of 700 or higher to qualify- this is much lower than you would find with typical bank loans!


Getting real estate loans is typically easier, quicker, and better than using bank loans. Not only will you get the funds quicker to begin your project, but you will have to jump through fewer hoops and pay less money in the long run! 

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