6 questions to ask a sexual abuse attorney before hiring

If you are considering hiring a sexual abuse attorney to help you with your upcoming court case, then you need to make sure that you have your bases covered before choosing a professional. After all, this attorney that you are hiring is going to make or break your case – if you choose someone unqualified, but inexpensive, you are saving money – but this can make you end up losing your case. What is more important – saving a few dollars or having an educated lawyer helping you with your case?

Most people would go with the latter. Make sure you choose someone who is well-reviewed, qualified, experienced, and has a good track record before you hire them for your court case. Let’s see some of the main FAQs that you should ask your sexual abuse attorney before you hire them for the job!

6 FAQs for your sexual abuse attorney

What is your past case record?

One of the most important questions to ask your sexual abuse attorney is their past track record in court. If they have never won a case or their winning percentage is below 50%, look elsewhere. You want a good chance of winning your court case!

What is your hourly wage?

Another question to ask your sexual abuse attorney is their price. You want to make sure that you will win your case – but you also do not want to go bankrupt in the process. Typically, you can negotiate prices if they find that you are desperate with your case and you really need their help – make sure that you can negotiate your pricing structure before you hire them for your court case. 

What is your past experience?

Asking about a lawyer’s past experience will give you an idea of where they went to school, the number of cases they have worked, their past win history, and their experience with sexual abuse cases. If you find they are a generalized lawyer and they do not specialize in sexual abuse, then look for someone else who specializes in your specific type of case.

Do I need to practice for court?

Typically, your sexual abuse attorney will be able to help “coach” you for your court case. They will tell you how to act, what not to stay, and how to behave in court so you can have the best chance at winning.

What charges are you using for the case?

Make sure you understand what charges are being brought up on the perpetrator – if the lawyer is only charging them of simple assault or something of a lesser charge, you might want to go with another lawyer who can convict them of the complete crime. 

Will you gather evidence?

The sexual abuse attorney will be able to gather evidence regarding your case, although it might be different than you typically think of. Instead of fingerprints and DNA evidence, the abuse attorney will typically have to rely on witness statements, testimonials, and statements to put the perpetrator behind bars.


Before you hire a sexual abuse attorney, you need to make sure they are experienced, qualified, and know what they are talking about. By asking them questions about their process, their track record, and how they will act in court, you can get an idea of if they are the right person for you to hire. 

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