Pros And Cons of Playing at a Casino not on Gamstop

Just like everything else in the world, Non-gamstop casinos also have their pros and cons. If you are thinking to gamble at Non-gamstop casinos or are already a part of it, make sure to read this article once.

In this article, you will find the pros and cons of using a Non-gamstop site for gambling as well as specific points that will help you decide if it is a good thing for you or not.

Before looking into that matter, let’s know what is gamstop and what are the non-gamstop sites.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is an independent self-exclusion scheme that helps you to restrict yourself from gambling sites. It was launched in April 2018, and it includes almost every gambling site registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

However, there are a lot of sites that are not registered on Gamstop.

Casinos not on Gamstop

The gambling sites licensed outside the United Kingdom jurisdiction don’t have to register themselves on Gamstop.

This means that even after registering yourself on Gamstop, you can access these gambling sites.

Before using non-Gamstop casino sites, you need to know the pros and cons to decide if it is the right thing for you or not.

However, if you have a history of problem gambling, do not use Non-gamstop sites at all.

Read this article till the end to know the pros and cons of a Non-gamstop sites as well as the points you should consider to decide if it’s right for you or not.

Pros and Cons of Non-Gamstop Sites

Usually, the non-gamstop casinos come with a lot of extra benefits and bonuses. But, you should be very careful with these sites and know how to choose one for playing.

Moreover, you should be capable enough to understand when your gambling is getting too much and creating financial and personal consequences for you.

Since these sites are not covered under the national self-exclusion scheme, it may not be the right place if you get addicted.

Scrolling down is the list of advantages and disadvantages of using non-gamstop sites for gambling activities.

Pros of Non-Gamstop Casinos


The main pro of gambling at an online non-gamstop casino is getting a lot of extra perks and bonuses.

And a site registered under UKGC will have limited bonuses compared to the non-gamstop casinos.

Anonymous Play

In most of these sites, you don’t have to provide your personal information as these sites do not strictly follow the Know Your Customer procedures.

This also makes deposits and withdrawal easier.

Cons of Non-Gamstop Casinos


As these sites are not on Gamstop, you will have to individually go through their settings or call at their customer helpline number to exclude yourself from these sites.

However, to exclude yourself from Gamstop sites, you only have to register yourself on Gamstop.


Since these sites are not registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, safety becomes a concern.

In case of a Gamstop registered site, safety is not really a concern as it is already registered under the UKGC and well-regulated.

Tax-free winnings

When you play on sites licensed outside Europe, you’ll have to pay tax on your winnings.

On the other hand, a UKGC licensed online casino guarantees tax-free winnings regardless of the winning amount.

Here are some points you can consider before deciding to use a Non-gamstop gambling site.

Play at a Non-Gamstop casino, if:

  • You have control over your gambling activities.
  • You enjoy playing with high bonuses.
  • You like getting more free spins.
  • You registered yourself on Gamstop accidentally.

Don’t Play at a Non-Gamstop Casino, if:

  • If you have a history of gambling addiction.
  • You are trying to cope up previous losses
  • You are hiding your gambling activities from someone.


All in all, you should consider the pros and cons and the points mentioned above, before using a  casino not on Gamstop. This will help you to avoid any future financial and personal consequences. If you have a history of gambling addiction, we do not encourage you to use Non-gamstop sites.

Thank you for reading!

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