Properties and Powers Of The Emerald Gemstone

The greenish-blue color and velvety texture of emerald stone have captured the imagination of humankind for many centuries. This gemstone from mineral beryl clan shares its lineage with Morganite, Heliodor, Aquamarine, and Gold Beryl. The emerald gets its vivid color from the traces of chromium and vanadium in its chemical composition. 

It gets its name from a Greek word ‘Smaragdus’ that refers to the green stone. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Marakata’ that means the color of growing life. Many noted gemologists compare the beauty of emerald or Panna Stone with the green of nature and its properties with growth and renewal. 

What Makes Emerald a Powerful Gemstone?

As a lush crystal with immense metaphysical properties and unique powers, emerald can change your life unbelievably. It represents youth and symbolizes hope for a bright future. 

Some legends define it as seeker of love while others relegate the powers of Emerald as the revealer of truth. Whether you seek justice, harmony, or compassion, emerald stands in your corner to make it happen. 

Brings Wealth and Abundance

Very few gemstones can overturn the fortunes as emerald does. As a symbol of wealth and fortune, it can make your life much better and pleasurable than before. No wonder, ancient royalty coveted this gemstone and carried it proudly in their crowns. 

Symbolizing money is not the only way how emerald stone changes your luck. It also brings vitality to your spirit and makes you open to new ideas that bring success and contentment in life. After all, you need happiness and satisfaction while climbing the ladder to financial success.

Promotes Vision and Intuition

According to the beliefs of Vedic astrology, emerald represents the planet of mercury. This is the same planet that rules intellect and intuition. So, it is needless to say that your intellectual powers get a boost when you wear emerald. It is ideal for scholars and researchers looking to improve their intellectual capabilities. 

Some ancient astrologers also believed in the power of emerald stone to enhance the imaginative and cognitive abilities of its wearer. It makes the stone ideal for writers, media persons, and artists as well. Since it is also associated with great vision, it can help you to improve your eyesight and get rid of vision-related problems.

Protects Against Evils

Panna stone increases intent, concentration, and focus by activating your psychic abilities. As such, it can be used as a talisman against evil spells and enchantment. When used as a tool of meditation, it can heal your heart, soul, and mind by clearing doubts and fears flogging your attention. In many ancient cultures, the stone was worshiped and revered for its protection abilities. It is still valued as the talisman of great warriors like Alexander and Aristotle. 

You will find citations in some ancient scriptures that reveal the ability of emerald to banish nightmares and recall the events of the past life. An emerald ring connected to your skin can enrich your innate energies and bind them together against the psychic attacks. This becomes possible due to an inner balance of sub-conscious and conscious minds.

Enhances Wisdom and Spirit

Being the stone of wisdom, emerald benefits you by enhancing mental clarity and memory. When intelligence merges with discernment, your conscious mind can connect well with other realms. As a result, it can help to foretell the future and reveal buried truths. With an open heart and mind, it becomes easier to embrace universal spirituality. 

Emerald has a pure essence that awakens the flow of positivity in your heart in the quest of real abundance that goes beyond materialistic possessions. Understanding the deeper meaning of life and imbibing these experiences bring hope and serene gratitude to your spirit. 

Facilitates Emotional Healing

When life burns you down and breaks your spirit, your emotions go haywire and suffer through an upheaval. In these conditions, you hope for a ray of positivity and strength to heal the broken heart and spirit. That’s where emerald stone comes to your rescue. 

This magnificent stone can work as a carrier of strength and vitality to recover from gloom. When you are facing challenging scenarios with utter dejection, you need the emotional strength possessed by this gemstone to break through the haze of negative thinking. So Contact GemPundit to buy the sparkling gemstones online.

Stimulates and Balances Heart Chakra

The pure and precious gemstones have an innate ability to evoke various chakras in the body. Emerald stone rules over the heart chakra by balancing it and aligning the chakra with core of your body. 

Since it can imitate the energy pattern of heart chakra through similar vibration, it can also regulate your emotional outbursts and control your desires. It helps being realistic and blend with your surrounding environment, instead of being ruled by others. Most importantly, it can help in understanding the dynamics of relationships and gain a better perspective to the feelings of love and compassion.

Promotes True Love and Deep Compassion

As the seeker of love, emerald is the perfect gift for your loved ones. It is also symbolic to undying devotion and loyalty. You can bring more patience in your relationship when you have an open mind and perception towards it. 

If you feel that your life is obscured by consistent pain of heartache, you can heal it with the help of emerald’s green energy. It makes you enjoy every deep-rooted emotion with honesty. When it comes to love, emerald benefits you by renewal of promises. So, you can grow in your thoughts and evolve in your relationships. 

Healing Properties of Emerald

Every gemstone has some unique healing abilities that can make your life easy and keep your body healthy. When you choose emeralds, you invest in a healthy life, free from digestive problems, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and eye diseases. This gemstone can also heal depression, anxiety, and paranoia. 

Parkinson’s disease and irregular blood pressure will become the things of past when you start wearing emerald. It prevents infections and treats back problems. The rejuvenating abilities of this gem can help to combat aging and revitalize organs. Healing the heart and recovering from malignant conditions become easier when you have emerald on your ring finger. 

Due to all these powers and properties, emerald stone is an amazing gemstone. But, you need to find the best quality of the stone to gain them all. Here, factors like color, cut, clarity, and carat matter a lot. Vivid cornflower blue emeralds mined in Sri Lanka carry the highest price band and they are the rarest variety. But, the beauty, exclusivity, and astrological benefits trump the pricing factor, making it worth every penny. 

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