How to Pair the fashion accessories?

Having a beautiful fashion sense is a gift. Hard to accept but fashion sense in an inbuilt talent, either you have it or you don’t. With observation and dedicated learning, any skill can be acquired over time. But fashion is so fast changing, and a wider subject on a whole and on top each separate category is again branched in so many minor lines, it’s hard to grasp all of it at once. The whole problem with this all the miner lines though called miner have a huge impact on the overall look of the wearer.  So either you know exactly what to wear or you don’t,

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Most of us go with the trends, attracted either to the promotions or offers. The promotions play a major role in deciding what we choose, the visual impact of the model wearing a dreamy dress which dons on her perfectly is tempting.

But have you thought through that it can provide the same effect like, are your body types the same, what about complexion, and technicolor that suits the model will it also enhance you? will give the same effect in the photos, when you wear based on your occasion and time of the occasion most importantly are you comfortable in it in carrying it wearing it, no matter how beautiful your dress is on you if you lack the confidence to carry it of it’s of no use.


What’s the big deal, pair it with an earring, bangles, neck-chain done. No that’s the biggest blunder, with the minimalist trend being at its prime, everybody wants to look elegant, sophisticated not gaudy or ugly. Always remember there is no need to wear every accessory just because they are available. Keep it simple, based on the dress you are wearing, a dress with detail around neckline you don’t need to wear a necklace.

Always look at the details of the dress and balance your accessories with areas where the dress is lacking. If it’s complicated to decide on the number of options available, stick to gold with the number of contemporary designs available, you can choose a gold chain with pendant design that is simple, if bangles are not your cup, gold bracelet design for girls are infinite in the current market.


This is one main area in the complete look where people give little attention or unfortunately some time don’t even consider it. Imagine you wear a super classy dress and you pair it with flip flops or flats, its looks imbalanced, to put more bluntly its ugly.

It is not something intentionally done, it is just we subconsciously don’t give much attention to this area because we choose one pair for our regular wear and by default pair up all most all the dress with it until occasion demands. But do you know, according to psychology, the first thing a person notices in the other person is their footwear, yes footwear. So don’t stick to one footwear for your daily use keep at least two to three pairs which can be paired accordingly.

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