Top 15 Nintendo DS Emulators for Android & PC

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android & PC

Emulators are something that has changed gaming life to an astounding extent. Technically, this software just emulates a game system, mostly using an unauthorized copy of those games – something that many people are familiar with! There has been a particular demand for one game system, i.e. Nintendo DS. This handheld gaming console – a favorite since 2004 when it was released – was sadly discontinued in 2013. It would be an understatement to say that people were sad about this; who wouldn’t be, when it offered more than 2000 games!

And that is exactly why there are so many developers releasing emulators to replicate this amazing console, the most accurate of which is compiled in the list. Some run on Android, some are great for PC – and many are perfect for both. There are many handy features that these emulators provide, along with an impressive selection of games that people have been eager to play since 2013.

Read along to find your Nintendo DS Emulator.


Available on the Play Store, or better yet, online as APK, is this amazing Android emulator, NDS4droid. It is as close to Nintendo DS games as possible, making it one of the top choices for games, if not the first. It is an open-source emulator, opening up a variety of features and configurations for the users to exploit – which just adds more to its appeal.

RetroArch DS Emulator

This has always been one of the top choices of all the people who use Emulators. Apart from supporting both Windows and Mac, it provides amazing features, such as access to several default games, graphics that can very well go up to 4k, and an option to customize games as per your needs. This one-stop platform is, simply put, amazing.

The N.DS Pocket of Simulator

This Chinese-based emulator is an amazing one, featuring many advantages. The N.DS Pocket of Simulator is one of the few that lets you upload your ROMs, and if not that, search for ROMs in there. Unlike many others, it is also very stable and offers high performance. More importantly, since it is an independent app, no ads are haunting you in the middle of the game as well.


Even if it is new on the block, EmuBox has been getting popular swiftly. And why would it not be? This Android emulator is perfect for many consoles, including the Nintendo DS. This is also the first multi-emulator, which, in addition, has a perfect design. Along with the usual features, you can save a game here and load it later – as well as capture screenshots.

DraStic DS Emulator

One of the simplest emulators on the list, the DraStic DS Emulator is perfect for not only Windows but also Linux, Mac, and even Android. It has all kinds of games Nintendo has offered to date, including the Nintendo DS. There’s an option for you to control and configure everything, from graphics to even controllers, thus pushing your gaming experience to another level.


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My NDS Emulator

As the name suggests, this is a purely NDS emulator, working on a variety of Android versions, starting from Lollipop, i.e. Android 5.0, making it a perfect choice for gamers who might still have older Android phones. There are many games in the app, which are in turn laced with many features. One of the impressive benefits is that you can customize the on-screen controls as well as connect controllers for other systems to play those games on your device.


If there is any no-nonsense Nintendo DS Emulator for PC, it is DeSmuME. It is known to perfectly run all the Nintendo DS games, without any problem. The Emulator offers customer support that is prompt and reliable, which is another plus point. This PC Emulator is also keen on being the best in the game, which is probably why there are so many amazing and frequent updates.

NeonDS Emulator

NeonDS Emulator is an excellent Nintendo DS emulator, which provides amazingly perfect accuracy and impressive performance. There are a lot of games on there – enough to keep you occupied for a long while. The only con of this one is that the developers have stopped giving it updates, which has made people turn their backs away on this beautiful emulator.

IDeas Emulator

IDeas Emulator is also one of the simplest emulators out there, perfect for playing Nintendo DS games on the PC. There are a lot of games loaded on it, all ready for you to play. Not only that but it also provides an option to customize the game graphics, so that you have an even more immersive experience of gaming. What’s more, updates are churned out regularly to keep it functioning smoothly.


One of the best PC Emulators for PC, MelonDS provides access to almost all of the Nintendo DS games. Comparatively, it has poor graphics quality– but that is overshadowed by its amazing features of compatibility with both Linux and Windows, access to an external controller, and smooth performance. It is a perfect one to start multiplayer games at a get-together with family and friends.

OpenEmu DS Emulator

OpenEmu DS Emulator is an amazing one on the list, letting you run different console games – including Nintendo DS –as efficiently and perfectly as possible. There is a little drawback of not being able to increase the graphics, but it is made up of the perfect and classy user interface. Even more wonderful is how it supports all kinds of controllers, which is simply a cherry on top!

Citra DS Emulator

Citra DS Emulator has been a people’s favorite because it lets you play the most popular games of all time, including The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, along with the addition of the full set of Nintendo DS games. The graphic resolution is perfectly HD and lets you control everything with a lot of settings. You can attach with external controllers and WiFi and have a blast with your friends and family.


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R4 Nintendo DS Emulator

This emulator is known to run most – if not all –of the Nintendo DS games, which is honestly, a treat. Running on both Mac and Windows, it is regarded as better than the native console, providing improved and faster performance. Along with all the usual features, it segregates the games, meaning you can get to your desired game in moments.

3DMOO Emulator

There is a very small number of developers who are keen on solving every problem with their emulators – the 3DMO Emulator is one of them. Not only does it get you access to all the Nintendo DS games but loads them with high performance, for both, Windows and Mac. More importantly, though, the developers update it frequently to squash those bug reports and give undistinguished customer support.

NO$GBA DS Emulator

Despite its funky-sounding name, the NO$GBA Emulator is one of the simplest PC emulators out there, where you can play all the games available on Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. All these games not only run smoothly but also offer amazing graphics quality. More importantly, it is free to use and also lets you save the game’s progress. What more would anyone need?

Now that you know how many emulators are there lying around online, you can sift through and settle on the one that is the most compatible with your preferences and your system. Even though you can enjoy the original version, these emulators are waiting for you to load up and enjoy the Nintendo DS to your heart’s content!

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