Must-Have Macramé Home Decorations for 2020

Macramé is a crafting technique that has been an age-old practice, dating for thousands of years. The macramé method, to some degree, is practical, and it creates gorgeous plant hangers and wall hangings. Today, macramé textiles have regained its popularity because of crafters and designers creating innovative ways to make macramé products.

There is no shortage of macramé textiles in the market today. However, the problem is, how do you select the right ones? You would be better off buying macramé textiles from reputable crafters, such as The Macramé Man because they make high-quality products. This article will talk about macramé textiles and the must-have home decor for 2020.

What Are Macramé Textile Products?

According to an article by Family Handyman, macramé textiles are products created by using the macramé technique, which uses several knots to make shapes of a particular piece. The knots used to create the textile products should have macramé elements together with knitting and weaving.

The common materials used by crafters, such as The Macramé Man, in making macramé textile products include jute, twine, yarn, and hemp, to name a few. However, some crafters add their distinctive styles with macramé textiles and add beads, leather, and even metals, such as gold.

Macramé Table Runner

A social activity that is mostly done with friends and family inside the home is eating. This is why you must invest in home decorations for your dining room to make it look fabulous and aesthetically appealing. Your dining table is considered the focal point of a dining room, which is why it should be the first furniture to receive an upgrade.

The best macramé textile product that you can use to improve your dining table is a macramé table runner. It is a gorgeous work of art that would undoubtedly look appealing on your dining table. Also, you can use this macramé runner as an alternative wall hanging décor or along your bed.

Macramé Plant Holder

If you love having plants inside your household or if you are one of those individuals that love gardening as a hobby, then you should consider adding décor to your plants. This is because it is not enough that you place your plants on boring pots without any designs; this won’t add any appeal to it. Instead, you can use a macramé plant holder.

A macramé plant holder will upgrade the look of your garden or any indoor plant you have in your household. It will give you a bohemian-inspired look that will set your garden apart from your neighbors and friends.

Macramé Wall Hangings

Most households consist of walls, and it occupies the majority of residential space. Unfortunately, homeowners do not utilize walls enough making them miss out an opportunity to improve the ambience or atmosphere of their homes. Fortunately, a macramé wall hanging can provide a solution to this predicament.

Macramé hangings can be placed on your wall to add texture and depth to it. By adding textile products with high-quality craftsmanship, you are upgrading the interior design of any room in your house. It can serve as a focal point when you have visitors in your home and could jumpstart a conversation because it is simply eye-catching.


Using macramé textile products in your home is particularly pleasing because of its ability to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your household. By utilizing a macramé textile for your interior design, you will no longer have a boring area or space in your residence.

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