Four Beginners Tips on How to Minimize Crypto/Bitcoin Investment Risk

This is an era of revolutionary technology, where digital currencies are slowly and steadily taking over the market. Cryptocurrency is the future of the currency market, with many experts believing in fair chances of digital currencies replacing fiat currency in near future. However, in a brimming and prospective digital currency market, while many investors look up to the potential you cannot overlook the edges of risk. This highly rewarding investment is indeed volatile which can be drawn from the instance in March 2020 when from $5,000 Bitcoin price leaped dramatically to $60,000 within a month in April 2021. Bitcoin Market Cap which is at a current level of 434.09B is down from last year’s 845.32B which is a drop of -48.65%. Bitcoin can be a potential investment in the booming digital currency market; however, it is important to evaluate the risks and know how to manage them. know more about Granimator App by clicking here 

In-depth Research

Research is the building stone for any investment. Many people simply tend to follow buying or selling trends to ship into investment. However, the first step to thoughtful cryptocurrency investment should always be reading its whitepaper. Whitepapers offer you a crisp insight into the company plan of market cap, performance, etc. Besides, it is important to understand the market, its prospects, trends, risks, earlier market movement, investment scopes, etc. to realize your investment opportunities and future as well.  

Invest Buffer Savings

Crypto experts in the market share a common opinion for beginners to invest only a buffer amount of their money or savings. Moreover, they also specify investment amount should not cross 5% of your buffer money initially. Experts generally recommend making small, regular investments over a longer period of time in order to maximize potential returns while minimizing risk. In other words, it’s not necessary to invest a large sum all at once in order to see profitable returns. By making consistent, disciplined investments in the crypto market, you can build a diversified portfolio that may yield significant gains over time. 

Safe Exchange Platforms 

To trade in digital currency you need a platform, which acts as an active medium for selling, buying, and even exchanging your digital currency against fiat currency. Given the potential risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies, it’s important to carefully evaluate an exchange’s security measures before choosing to use it. Some exchanges may use advanced technologies such as multi-factor authentication, cold storage for storing cryptocurrencies, and encryption of sensitive data to prevent hacking and fraud. Other exchanges may rely on more basic security measures, which could leave users vulnerable to cyber attacks. When you pick an exchange it is essential to check whether it is a:

  • CEX (centralized crypto exchange platform), 
  • DEX (decentralized crypto exchange platform), 
  • P2P (Peer to peer), or 
  • Instant Exchange etc. 

High-end secure exchange platforms must have stringent user authorization and verification systems leading to admin panels, from where users can initiate transactions. These features allows to enhance the security of your  crypto holdings as well as safe transactions. 

Invest in Companies with Crypto Holdings

For those who are not sure where and how, to begin with, crypto trading, invest in companies that already have crypto holdings. This is one of the best ways of securing your investment since the companies in this case act like a bridge between your investment and crypto volatility. The risk percentage in such cases varies with the amount of crypto holding that the company has invested in. This is when it is important to look at the company details to know about its holdings, types of holdings, etc. Like for example, Tesla has a Bitcoin holding of $1.99 billion as of December 31, 2021. Therefore, accordingly, when the Bitcoin market value rises, the stock prices of Tesla will also shoot up high. 

There might be a lot of rumors and buzz around you about the crypto world and trading risks related to the crypto market. You could sway away with all that you have heard. Or you could take a while to do your digging into facts and find secure exchanges like Bitcoin Loophole to begin with crypto trading. Thus, with more than 112USD billion being poured into different cryptocurrencies trading every day, the investment interest in digital currencies is growing every day overcoming the risk factors. 

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