If marriages are made in heaven, then what is the purpose of kundli matching?

At some or other point in your life, you all must have heard the phrase that “marriages are made in heaven.” It means that sooner or later you will land up with your partner and then life will be blissful together. 

Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? With the increasing number of divorce cases, it is time that we look back to astrology and know that even if marriages are made in heaven, it is our duty to make sure that the marriage retains its essence on earth even after minor discords between the partners. 

You must have witnessed many marriages with ideal couples who are just so perfect. But then after some time, you hear that they have separated ways. Have you wondered why these things happen so suddenly?

This is because your life is controlled by your actions – your karmas. You need to maintain good karmas in order to enjoy the blissfulness of your marriage. The moment you try to control your destiny, it will turn totally against you and lead to disastrous consequences. 

 This is why kundli matching is so important. To know about the future of your marriage, you must know about the traits of your life partner. To assess the success of your marriage, you need to consult a famous astrologer in Lucknow who will tell you about the mental, physical and emotional compatibility that you will share with your partner. 

 What exactly is kundli matching?

Kundli matching is an ancient Indian ritual where the horoscope charts of the partners are matched to ensure that they lead a happy and blessed life together. It is believed that marriage is a very important event in a person’s life and brings with it a complete change in the lifestyle, attitude and responsibilities of the individual.

As per the best astrologer, when two people go for a marriage, then their horoscopes are studied together to check if all the planets are in harmony with each other. In case, there is some drastic effect of any particular planet such as the Manglik dosh, then the match is not considered suitable. 

But with the advent of love marriages, it is not feasible to call off the marriage because the partners are in love with each other. Therefore, the astrologers in Lucknow suggest certain remedies and pujas that can be conducted before marriage so as to ward off the evil effects of Mars (Mangal) and pacify it completely. 

There are many ways in which you can go for a kundli matching. Initially, there was only the Ashtakuta system where eight different parameters were compared with the help of certain gunas that were 36 in number. It was said that the couple with the maximum score out of 36 can go ahead with the marriage. 

But in the modern world, kundli matching has also evolved. It now takes into account the comparison of the various houses of the horoscope chart and only after a proper detailed analysis, the kundalis are matched together. 

 Thus, we may conclude that though marriages are made in heaven, we need to maintain them on this earth – the land of karmic actions. And this is why it is important to go for a kundali matching before taking the final decision on marriage. 

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