Important Things You Need to Know About Managing Your Remote Workers

Remote working is the new buzz word. With the ever-growing globalizing civilization one needs to try their hands on this technique. It opens up a new horizon for growing up. Whether you are a small concern or a big one, it does happen that you need to hire people from different parts of the globe and make them work together to contribute to a particular project or task. It is also estimated that over the last five years remote working has increased by 44%. And this requires you to use various project management tools for remote teams available in the market.

 Though hiring and managing the remote team is not rocket science. You just need to focus on a few thumbnails and you can definitely make the best out of your remote team.

Righteous recruitment

The first and foremost requirement for your team to work awesomely is appointing the right people at the right place at the right time and selecting the best applicant tracking system according to your requirements can help. And the extra tip is not to forget to provide them with the most dynamic local leader.

Always keep a check that you appoint all the people who believe in the saying “Work is Worship”. Appointing such people will make them honest towards you and your work. And they will not always be handy with a long list of excuses for not doing their work properly. You can be sure on their part that whether you are available physically with them or not they are putting their 100 percent to get your task done thus contributing to the profits of your company.

Define and set goals

A team without proper knowledge of ‘What to do?’ and ‘How to do’ is useless. And, I know you will not like it, but let me be frank, for this I will not blame your remote team members, rather blame you. So, determine your goals and make it as clear as crystal. As a leader, you need to define your presence, educate your team members, allocate responsibilities, discuss working hours, foster leadership in your team members, encourage developments, respond to their emails, educate them to manage deadlines and the list goes on and on.

Solid trust enclosed in

Trust works as a stimulator for the better working of your team, whether remote or local. Be trustworthy to your team members and also encourage the team members to trust each other. This will develop a healthy working environment and will definitely help you in yielding higher results of all their doings. If you do not trust them they will gradually lose interest in working with you and this will hamper you and your organization.

Active communication

Clear and cordial communication is the very heart of remote teams, as they are not present physically with you. You and your remote workers should always indulge in healthier and fruitful communication. Otherwise, it will be difficult to manage the task satisfactorily. The communication should include excellent verbal communication, adequate written communication, listening to everyone in the team, listening to their grievances, and so on. So get started, get going, communicate through phone calls, through video calls, use form the various resources other available, but communicate for sure.

Remember to communicate with your remote team on a regular basis, so that you can get a daily track of work done by them, guide them through better working techniques, and get feedback from them to help them work adequately throughout their activities.

You can search the net and get hold of articles that will help you manage communication with your remote team members. Just type in “Free Remote Meeting Software and Tips on How to Choose It” and you will get a big list to choose from.

Exploit technology

Your remote team when aided with the latest technology can prove to be your best companion in getting your working standards boosted up thus taking your profits to unlimited heights. There are countless tools available in the market to help you manage them. To scrutinize and put the best tool to work you just need to scroll through the list by typing in- “ Tools for better working of the remote team”, “Mobile Apps To Ensure Effective Remote Work”, employee monitoring app, and so on. Let me assure you you will be having such a big number of options available for tools that you will have to spend a good amount of time and energy choosing the best-suited tool for your remote team. Discuss these tools with your team members and incorporate the most productive ones enhancing the productivity of your remote team members.

Sentence : To scrutinize and put the best tool to work you just need to scroll through the list by typing in- “ Tools for better working of the remote team”, “Mobile Apps To Ensure Effective Remote Work”, employee monitoring app, and so on.

Bonding matters

It is always seen that happy workers are always directly proportional to better yielding. It is always a good idea to develop strong and cordial bonding with and between your team members. This will make them happy and they will cherish working with you and other team members.

Make them realize they are as important to you as the employees working with you locally. Try to respond to them as quickly as possible making yourself more accessible to them. Discuss problems with them and seek their solutions for solving the problems. Act as a bridge between your local team members and the remote ones. Always encourage remote team members to develop healthy relationships with other team members. Educate them that though competition always gives room to better working they should always ensure that they have a healthy competition with each other.

You can adopt various measures to incorporate a better understanding with each other. To name a few, manage a get-together at least once a year, celebrate and applaud each team member’s victory, send them gifts and incentives periodically, and so on.

Room for flexibility

You being the leader need to guide them but you need to understand that your remote team also needs adequate space to work. Provide them with the flexibility of working hours. Give them the power to make decisions on their own. Always remember that a few times you need to go out of the box and focus on the outcome and the results rather than on the activities of the remote team members. You should always know that keeping control is good but there should be adequate checks on the control kept by you otherwise it will lead to a dead working environment, curtailing any space for inventions, innovations, and development.

Remember, the future depends on what you do today and your actions will always have an impact on your remote team and encourage them to put their 100 percent. So, get ready to rock with your remote team and amaze yourself and the world with the overwhelming work done by them and you put together.

And don’t forget the exclusive tip: Enjoy your work and gel with the remote team in such a way that they also start liking your spirit and start enjoying working with you thus gearing up the speed and quality of the work assigned to them!!

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