How to Learn Math Online with Kids of Ages 7-12 and Have Fun?

There are tons of reasons why any kid would hate math. For some, it seems too complicated. For others, it requires an insane amount of memorization. Then, we have the ultimate reason that every parent and teacher have heard before: it’s too dull.

A great way to circumvent kids’ hatred for math is by creating interactive maths lessons for them. With the right math tutor and online tools, kids can come to love math on their own terms. This brings us to the big question: how can kids learn math online while having fun? To answer this question, we’ve curated some of the best handy tips for making online maths lessons fun and interactive. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

How to Learn Maths Online and Keep the Process Fun and Engaging for Your Kids

If you’re trying to turn each math lesson into an experience akin to a trip to Disneyland, here are some helpful tips to follow:

Introduce math games

Over the last decade, game-based learning has become increasingly popular, with more experts touting its benefits. Several studies have proven that integrating gaming principles into learning can increase a child’s memory capacity. Similarly, since most games involve using a keyboard or gamepad, game-based education also helps to improve their hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills. Most importantly, it will motivate kids to learn math and keep them engaged during each lesson.

Thus, if you’re trying to make online math more fun and engaging for kids, introduce math games into the equation. Fortunately, there are tons of online math games and resources to try out. You could also offer in-person math activities such as numbers tic-tac-toe, roll the dot, and so on.

Use math websites

Math learning is a collaborative process. In most cases, it requires the efforts of different parties: parents, tutors, tools, and students themselves. Thus, a math website for kids is a worthwhile addition for any parent looking to make online studying more efficient and fun. With a math website, you can access tons of learning resources such as worksheets, games, and educational videos, all while helping your child learn how to type at the same time!
Some of these online resources also offer interactive one-on-one math lessons online. This means that your kid gets a personalized and comprehensive math class with an experienced tutor. In most cases, each class is tailored to meet a student’s specific learning needs and goals. Consequently, effective learning is achieved, and your child will come to love math without seeing it as the big bad wolf which has come to gobble them up.

Take your child’s interests into account

Every child has specific interests. Some kids might be obsessed with mermaids, while others might be more interested in toy trucks. While some of these interests might seem ridiculous to you as an adult, they can be used as a platform or tool for learning math. If you’re trying to make math learning fun for your kid, it’s time to seek out their interests and leverage them in each lesson.

For instance, if your child is interested in fashion, you could take a mini field trip to a fabric store or boutique and measure fabric lengths together. Estimate how many yards of fabric they’d need to make their dream princess dress. If your child loves gadgets and computers, it might be advisable to enroll them in a coding class or teach them about binary numbers. When kids get the opportunity to explore their interests, they’d be more excited and willing to learn math. Over time, they’ll begin to look forward to the next lesson.


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Ask them questions at intervals (no drilling!)

How often do you visit the doctor’s office with your kid? Or how often do you go out for lunch together and wait for your meals to arrive? If these scenarios are frequent, you’d agree that they often involve long periods of waiting in silence. When this happens, resist the urge to whip out a smartphone or iPad. Instead, use the opportunity to practice math with your kid by asking them fun trivia questions. For instance, you could point out some posters on the wall and ask them which one is bigger. Ask them to compare prices or calculate the total cost of your meal.

It’s important to note that there’s a thin line between asking thoughtful trivia questions and drilling. While the former is merely a fun exercise to boost their knowledge, drilling your kid on math topics can be pretty intimidating for them. They’ll often feel pressured and flee from math faster than you can say “Jack.”

Thus, remember to keep these questions lighthearted and exciting. Correct a kid lovingly if they get the answers wrong and move on from the topic.

Don’t tell kids how boring math is for you

A large part of parenting involves trying to be as relatable as possible to your kids. While this might help to put kids at ease, it’s important not to pass negative emotions and ideas onto your child. Thus, try not to regale them with your negative math experiences. Many parents often tell kids about how bad they were at math in a bid to put a kid at ease and take off the pressure. However, this approach rarely works, and instead, a child ends up with an even worse impression of math. To avoid this, keep an optimistic outlook on things and only share positive experiences with your kid.

Use technology

As mentioned earlier, there are many tools available that could boost online math lessons for kids. For instance, some schools are leveraging AI technology to take kids on virtual field trips and excursions. Thus, it’s crucial to participate in this revolutionary edtech movement and use the tools at your disposal to create an unforgettable learning experience for your kids.

Final Thoughts

Math can be a touchy subject for most kids, especially those suffering from math anxiety. However, the tips above will help you create engaging and interactive math lessons for your kid. Good luck! 

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