6 Of The Largest Dog Breeds You Will Love

Rare are the people that don’t like dogs, am I right? And while everyone agrees that these are the perfect pets, there are some differences in preferences varying from person to person. It’s nothing unusual. We all like different things, so we all like different breeds of these adorable barking friends of ours. Nevertheless, canines are really special and this useful source will prove it.

If you are considering getting a canine and you prefer larger breeds to smaller ones, you will want to learn a bit more about the different large breeds out there, so that you can decide which one would be perfect for you. My guess is that you will love them all, but you’ll still have to decide on one. Unless, of course, your specific situation allows you to adopt more fur babies.

In any case, we’re not going to talk about your or anybody else’s situation, nor generally about the situation that would be perfect for adopting numerous fur babies. Instead, I’ll get you acquainted with some of the largest dog breeds that you will definitely love. That way, I hope to bring you one step closer towards making that important decision. Here we go.

English Mastiff

It’s only fair and perfectly natural to start our list off with one of the biggest dog breeds alive in 2020. Standing between 60cm and 90cm tall and weighing anywhere between 50kg and 90kg, these dogs are certainly going to take your breath away. Well, they could literally take your breath away by sitting on you, but that’s not what I am talking about.

Their gracious and imposing disposition is certainly breathtaking and worth admiring. If you are truly a lover of large breeds, you will enjoy sharing your space with an intelligent, protective and yet rather gentle dog that loves to cuddle with its favorite human. There are other large canines out there and you can find some of those by visiting sites such as Holista Pet, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the English Mastiff will win your heart over the first time you see it.

Saint Bernard

Having a Saint Bernard is like having your very own, soft-eyed, living toy that you can cuddle and play with at any time. Just make sure not to teach the pup to play rough, since it will quickly grow into a 70cm tall canine, meaning that it will be able to overpower you quickly. Don’t worry, even though they are known as the perfect rescue dogs, they certainly aren’t aggressive and their docile temperament would make them the perfect pet.

Great Dane

Did you know that a dog of this breed holds the world record for the tallest canine? He’s name was Zeus and he was over 110cm tall. Nevertheless, not every single Great Dane will grow that tall. They usually stand between 70 and 80cm, which is certainly large enough. Even though they might look imposing and threatening, the Great Danes are actually rather loving and caring, as well as highly protective of their human.


These hard-working dogs were originally bread to help fishermen haul the nets, pull carts and fetch both things and people that might fall overboard. This speaks in favor of their protective and active nature. It also tells us that the breed is rather muscular, even though you might not actually be able to see it below all that fur that makes them look even bigger. Newfoundlands are amazing swimmers and they are known to be gentle-natured.


This breed actually originated by mixing the Newfoundland and Saint Bernard. I guess that tells you enough about its size, doesn’t it? It could also speak of their nature and personality. Despite their imposing disposition, the Leonbergers make for the perfect family dogs. They are intelligent, protective and caring and they will definitely be the perfect companion.

Caucasian Shepherd

This large, bold, fearless, fierce and self-confident breed makes for the perfect guard dog that will look every single threat right in the eye without flinching once. The funny thing is Caucasian Shepherds turn into real gentle babies when they are sure that both they and their family are perfectly safe. That’s quite a combination, isn’t it?

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