All You Need to Know About Dentures

People worldwide mostly regard dentures as a necessity only for aged people, but the truth is several men and women in their 40s also wear dentures. Dentures are a last resort, so people usually don’t have to worry that they might need one at 40. But getting dentures is not a frightful situation, and with today’s technology, dentures offer several advantages, and they even look natural. You can learn more about it at Aria Dental.

Another concern people may have regarding dentures is their cost, since dental procedures usually tend to have high costs. But dental clinics like Dentex Denture Clinic offer free first consultations, which help reduce costs. Most dental clinics also offer their professional services at fair prices, ensuring people get their money’s worth. 

When Do People Require Dentures?

Dental practitioners prescribe dentures only when there are no other options available. So, people will have to get dentures for the following reasons:

Missing Teeth

Dentures essentially replace the teeth in the mouth. People sometimes lose their teeth due to accidents or due to a dental disorder, and dentures are the ideal fix for this.

Gaps and Improper Spacing

Some people naturally have gaps between some of their teeth, which can affect their chewing and may create other problems. 

Dental Disorders

Certain dental disorders can cause teeth to fall out, and it may even erode the gums, and in such cases, the dentures are an effortless fix.

Are There Different Types of Dentures?

Yes, there are several types of dentures available, but each denture serves a specific purpose, and the dentist recommends the best one for each patient.

Regular Dentures

These dentures are alternatively known as traditional dentures or Full dentures. They cover the entire jawline and replace all teeth. 

Dentures With Implant Support

These dentures come with implants that help hold the dentures in place. These implants look natural and are durable, and they offer optimal support to the dentures, which also look natural.

Partial Dentures

Dental practitioners prescribe partial dentures when some of the teeth remain on the jaw as the others fall out. The partial denture is removable and has an attachment implant that helps hold it in place securely. 

Snap-Hold Dentures

These dentures offer the most stability in comparison, but they only suit patients who have lost all their teeth. The unique feature of this denture is its snap-action hold, which holds the dentures in place while also making them effortlessly removable. Snap-hold dentures also require dental implants for support and thus only suit those with a sturdy enough jawbone to support dental implants.

Upper Jaw Dentures

The human upper jaw differs in structure from the lower jaw, requiring a specially designed denture. The upper jaw denture has special attachments that secure it in place, allowing for effortless use. These dentures are ideal for people with no teeth on their upper jaw.

Denture Myths Busted

Dietary Changes

Dentures don’t require any dietary changes, and people can continue to follow their regular diet.

Falling Out of the Mouth and Looking Fake

A common fear amongst people getting dentures is that they might fall out while talking or that they look fake. But, today, dentures come with natural-looking teeth and sturdy attachments that require manual removal, making this myth invalid. 

Will Cause Discomfort

Another fear patients have is that they will never feel comfortable, and it might make them look older. On the contrary, dentures do not change facial features in any way, and studies prove people with dentures only report slight discomfort for less than 30 days.

Patients requiring dentures can rest at ease as their dental problems have a permanent fix. Other dental procedures may require re-strengthening from time to time, but dentures are easier to maintain. Besides, people worrying about the cost can also rest at ease as dental clinics like Dentex Denture Clinic offer free first consultations. Nevertheless, it’s your smile that matters, right?

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