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There is this excitement that comes with meeting new people especially if they are romantic interests. You find yourself wanting to chat or be with them frequently. If you have ever felt this way and you feel it’s weird, don’t worry you are not in this alone. It is almost a general feeling especially for people who use dating sites.

An online dating site is a meeting place for single people who have come to meet a love interest. There are several dating sites available for users to explore on the web and one may need to outline their needs before settling for a particular site. One of the popular dating sites that people are signing up on is Jdate. 

Jdate is a popular Jewish dating site where users sign up to have a dating experience. Exclusively, the site is intended for single individuals of Jewish origin. However, it is open for people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. You only need to appreciate the Jewish culture and indicate an interest to date someone within the community.

If you are looking to sign up, you may need to read reviews to learn more about Jdate and how users can improve their experience on the site. To get through with this site, we will discuss some important subjects to guide you.

Signup Process

Registration on Jdate is simple and free. All members are required to connect their profile to a Facebook account or an email address which aids user verification. Besides that, users will also fill in basic information like full name, location, date of birth, and occupation. 

Other optional questions also pop up but the most important step during registration is to provide your preferences in terms of accepting a partner. As stated earlier, registration is completely free and after signing up, you check out other profiles to find people who share similar interests. 

Jdate has one month, three months, and six months membership subscriptions. Just as you can find with most dating sites, the longer you stay, the more your monthly fee reduces. If we are to compare between using a subscription plan and a free account, we would say a free Jdate account doesn’t give users the desired online dating experience. 

If you want to enjoy the full experience, opting for a paid membership plan will allow you to chat with Jewish singles who share similar interests with you. You will find that these plans are worth it as there are extra features and perks that come with them. These features are some steps above what you find on conventional dating sites.

Setting Up Your Profile

Technically, providing basic information and dating preferences is considered enough for new users. However, a seasoned user of online dating knows that an ordinary profile limits one’s chances of getting people to become interested in you. What do you do in this situation? Make your profile complete.

A profile is complete when it contains information on your perception about marriage, family, career, interests, hobbies, and other helpful information. Answering open-ended questions improve your chances of attracting so many people to your profile.

Additionally, uploading nice pictures have a way of attracting people. Members can upload up to six pictures. Use this opportunity to show diverse aspects of your life especially if you intend to get a serious relationship.

If you are looking for a hookup site, then Jdate is not your answer. There are stringent rules guiding photo uploads and you are restricted from showing certain things on your pictures. All pictures have to get approval from the site admin before they become visible.

One unique thing about Jdate is the existence of few fake profiles. The site administrators are very proactive in monitoring for suspicious actions and are swift in taking actions when users report an account.

Any profile depicting suspicious behavior gets blocked immediately by the admins. If a profile is blocked, the Facebook account and email address linked to it will also be blacklisted on the site to prevent the profile from registering again. If you have previously had ugly experiences on other dating websites, Jdate offers a whole new experience with a good measure of safety.

Payment Methods

If you are looking to be a paid member, you can do this with your credit card or PayPal. If you wish to use PayPal but you do not have an account, you can read about how to go about that in this guide.

Making New Connections

We earlier stated that creating a profile on Jdate is as easy as it gets. By implication, you can also start connecting with people immediately after you create a profile. You can connect with people by sending them a direct message.

Most people find it a bit nerve-wracking to start a conversation with strangers but there is no better way to meet new people if you do not send a message. If you are using a paid membership on Jdate, you will find that there is an exciting option known as messaging+.

This option allows members on premium membership to message free profiles and allow such members to respond without upgrading to a paid membership. Although the paid membership is more secure, one is also advised to be more careful when dealing with strangers. Be mindful of the kind of information to divulge to strangers.

If you feel intimidated sending a direct message, you can join the Kibitz corner. Here, general questions are asked and anyone can answer and draw attention to themselves. This section also allows you to find people who share similar experiences and opinions with you. It functions as an ice breaker especially for people who do not like to search for profiles.

There is also the secret admirer option. This feature allows you to like a person’s profile in a way that makes you pop up on their list of secret admirers. If the person finds you attractive, you will be notified. You may need to wait for some time due to the availability of the ‘’ask me later” option on the admirers’ list.

Tips to Improve Your Chances on Jdate

The following are some general tips to guide you:

Be Honest

One way to win people over is through honesty. Most people who sign up on dating sites hope to meet their life partners and the best way to get their attention is to be honest with your response to their questions. Being honest with your answers will make them feel comfortable talking to you. They can also share their life experiences with you and this is helpful during the talking stage.

Keep Conversations Real

Generic conversations are a huge turnoff to most people and this can reduce your chances drastically especially if you are talking to someone who is seeking a serious relationship. Always try to be creative with your texts bearing in mind that originality is the key to expressing your genuine intentions towards people.


Don’t Be Too Forward

You just met someone and you are already telling them how much you miss them? That’s not how it works! Even if you have an instant flame of emotions burning in you when you met them, give it some time before you express yourself. Speaking out too early will create room for disbelief and you could end up losing the person.

One rule of thumb in expressing your emotions is to determine how interested the other party is in you. If they are indifferent about you, you may need to put in more effort to let them know how much you care about them. Allow everything to flow naturally and you will be surprised by the impression you will be creating and the impact it will generate.

Regulate Your Online Presence

Most people do not feel comfortable with a partner who spends a large chunk of his time online. If you have met two or three people you are considering, you can limit your quest for more options. This is because the more you search, the more you stay online and this may come off as a flirting activity to those who are developing interest in you.

Look Out for Fake Accounts

Regardless of the efforts of site administrators in checking the activities of impostors, there are still some fake profiles. You have to be alert to avoid falling victim to their fraudulent schemes. Avoid conversations of any sort involving money. Once a new match starts talking about a difficult situation that requires money to fix, you may be talking to the wrong person.

If you are convinced that it is a fake account, you can report it to the admin and the account will be investigated and appropriate measures will be taken afterward. While it is advised that you tread with caution on dating sites, do not be too cautious at your own expense as you may be missing out on good people who love being jovial around new people.

Use your instincts to determine whether or not you are talking to the right person. Once there is no reasonable conviction, then you can let them go.

Avoid Extreme Views

Moderacy is the key. Coming off as an extremist can be a huge turnoff to some people. Be flexible especially when you are discussing sensitive issues. Don’t give the impression that you are too principled or a liberal individual. Keep it simple, a little to the left and a little to the right and you will find that the center will hold.

Pros of Using Jdate

The following are some advantages:

  1. Fast registration
  2. Adequate website monitoring to prevent suspicious behavior
  3. Mobile compatibility
  4. Large community with good engagement.
  5. A consistent customer service team
  6. Open to serious and casual relationship seekers.
  7. Option for searching profiles yourself and also checking out suggested matches.

Cons of Using Jdate

This review will be incomplete if we do not talk about some of the downsides associated with the use of this site. You can find them below:

  1. Non-existence of compatibility matching. This type of matching is based on preferences and not on generic preferences.
  2. Waiting for picture approval before you start to use the service.
  3. Paid members are required to message.

These are some important aspects of Jdate that you may need to know. You can also search the internet to find more tips. Additionally, you need to search for tips for dating online safely.

Final Verdict

Generally, Jdate is considered to be a good dating site. If you download the app, you will also have a nice experience. In a time when fake accounts are becoming the order of the day in most dating sites, signing up on Jdate reduces your chances of falling victim to catfishes.

Another interesting aspect of this site is the ability to connect you with people from diverse roots and belief systems. While it has a good record of matching Jewish singles, it is not limited to meeting a particular group. You can also connect with different people of your preference.

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