How To Unblur A Picture That Has Been Blurred – Top 12 Easy Ways

With the advent of the internet and subsequent social media channels, quality content has become a hallmark for brands and individuals to attract a large number of users.

Photos and images are stapled and a straightforward way to convey your message without beating around the bush.

Even at the point of being a cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially if they are written by a lesser writer. Often, there are cases when you see a worthy shot, you pull out your weapon of choice, and you click the shutter button. 

Only to find that the picture was only halfway through when you moved the camera. The image is now blurred.

It is one of the worst nightmares of photographers, especially social media uploaders, who do not have enough time to retouch it via editing software. If you are one of those people, consider your prayers answered!

In this post, we are going to explore some software that can help you with how to unblur an image. Some of the applications may be mobile-friendly, while others might need intensive hardware to process. 

Anyway, you will not have to try your muscles on shooting the scene again because these applications will do all the heavy lifting for you.

12 Simple Ways On How To Unblur An Image

Here we go, the following list is compiled at Highfive List to help you make your images better:

1) Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most trusted photo-editing suites by professional photographers. It has many options and tweaks to bend your pictures according to your will. 

Although it is on the pro side of applications, amateurs can also benefit from its “auto” modes to sharpen their pictures.

The software is intuitive with a self-help interface. If you are a newbie, it will take only a little while to get used to it. But, when you know where to find your desired option, you are going to love it.

It has options and filters, like camera shake reduction, unsharp mask, and so on that can help you to enhance the quality of your pictures.

2) Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a free drawing tool, unlike Photoshop. It is included in the Windows software suites to allow users to create and edit pictures and drawings.

This application has been around for so long, easy to use, and intuitive enough that it can be called one of the best apps to unblur photos.

When you have opened the desired picture in the program, you need to select the “Layer” and “Duplicate” options to create a layer to work with your blurred image. 

Click on the “Adjust” menu and it will open a dialog box for you. 

Then, adjust the clippings, radius, and strength of the mask and apply a radius of 2 to 3 pixels while changing clipping to 100.

Using a slider, unsharp mask until you reach your desired layer of clarity. Keep in mind that the opacity of 60 to 70 is usually desirable.


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3) Blurity

This program, like the preceding ones in the list, is intensive and runs onss computers. Blurity is a hassle-free way to get rid of shakes and blurred parts of your images.

To do this, you need to install and open the program. It will show a tutorial at the start explaining all the important things about the application. You can also visit their website to learn more about Blurity.

Now, select the image you want to work with and select the regions you want to unblur. 

After this, select the process button and let Blurity do its magic. Additionally, you can use sliders to take control of the unblurring process.

One downside of using Blurity is that it leaves a watermark on your picture. 

If you have a tool to remove watermarks from images or you are fine with the watermark, then you are good to go.

4) SmartDeblur

To get this software, all you need to do is go to their website and install it on your computer. After that, you can easily unblur an image.

After opening the desired file in the application window, 

you need to select the blurred area and select parameters to unblur it. 

Then, select the defect type and slide the radius to smooth the blur until the image is unblurred.


If all of the above-mentioned applications and software are too much for you, then GIMP can save your day. 

It is a free tool and you can install it for the OS version you are using by going to their website.

The steps to unblur an image on GIMP are simple.

To do this, 

select and open the desired file in GIMP.

Then, open the toolbar and select Sharp. 

After selecting the tool, click on the part of the image you want to sharpen and you will see a difference in the image after several strokes. 

It is like touching or retouching a painting with a brush to make it clear and sharp.

6) Fotor

Fotor is an online application with amazing photo editing tools. It is often used by social media users who do not have a computer in their person nor do they have time to use intensive software to unblur their pictures before uploading.

It is quite easy to upload and unblur an image on Fotor. 

After uploading the picture, go to the basic slider tools 

and adjust the sharp slider to adjust the blurriness of the image. It is as easy as that.

7) Photo Editor

Photo Editor- is a simple yet multifunctional application. It has a lot of photo editing options in addition to unblurring and retouching the images.

You can either use auto-enhance or manually sharpen the blurry images. There are other features as well, to make your images look sharp and draper, like the adjustment of saturation, contrast, shadows, etc.

After tweaking the image of your choice, you can upload it to several social media platforms in high resolution.

The options in this application are nowhere to end and desirable for both professionals on-the-go and amateurs.


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8) Snapseed

You are living under a rock if you do not know about this amazing application. 

It is already being used by millions of users to enhance their pictures before they upload and share them on social media. Interestingly, not many are aware of its features to unblur a picture.

To do this, 

you can either choose auto-enhance or the sharpen slider to make the picture to your liking. 

Apart from that, there is a brush option to touch the images and adjust their saturation, exposure, shadows, brightness, warmth, etc.

9) Adobe Lightroom

Presented by Adobe, the parent of both Lightroom application and Photoshop, this is another app that can be installed on mobile and computer. 

Made by professionals and trusted by millions of users around the globe, you can easily trust its auto-enhancements and adjustments to unblur your image in a matter of seconds.

From the crispness of your image to their shadow projection, you can do as you please with the images without worrying too much.

10) PhotoSuite

If you were looking for a specialized application that can only do wonders when it comes to removing blurriness from the pictures, PhotoSuite is it.

It has a plethora of options to make your pictures look sharper and crisper. There are manual options in the application too, for adjustments and fine-tuning. Still, it is an acquired taste and not a go-to photo unblurring application for a lot of people.

11) Photogenic

It is a wonderful application with a boatload of features to edit your picture. However, we are dealing with the unblurring of images and Fotogenic does not disappoint in this area too.

It has a strong tool for touching and streamlining blurred-out parts of the images without exposing them too much. To unblur an image on your phone, 

select the image with the detail button after opening the image in the application 

and swipe on the blurred part.

You will see it getting clearer with each swipe.

12) PhotoDirector

Used mainly to add layers and polish already fine-looking pictures, PhotoDirector still has some amazing features to unblur images on the go. Although he is a new kid on the block, he has managed to make new friends in a short amount of time.

It has a tool called “remove”. You can use that tool on the blurry parts of an image to unblur it. There are AI options in the app too that will automatically change an image from cloudy or shaky into a clearer version.

Final Words:

There is nothing more irritating than finding a perfect shot and finding it blurred out after your camera is done with processing. Luckily, if you are a pro or an amateur, you can fine-tune your images that are blurred using the applications in the list. 

All of these applications are best in their classes and produce sharpened images with no shakes and blurriness. If you were on the lookout for a perfect app to unblur the pictures, now you have a couple that can go perfectly on your mobile phone and your computer.

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