How to Quickly Find Housing In a Metropolis?

The problem of housing in megacities is a constant problem. It is impossible to say unequivocally how you can instantly solve it. However, the real estate industry is evolving and offers different formats of housing that simplify the search for housing and reduce the cost of rent per person. Example, shared living New York.

What is Coliving?

Coliving is co-working and housing united under one roof. They live and work with like-minded people. Everyone has their own room, and a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, gym and workspace – one for all. Most often they have a quick  Wi-Fi, a cleaner and basic food items: 

  • tea;
  • coffee; 
  • milk;
  • cereal; 
  • bread and eggs. 

And sometimes there are game consoles. Thematic events with business experts and heads of large companies often take place in coliving houses. All this is included in the monthly payment. In coliving, you pay extra for the service and just don’t think about it.

The basis of the concept is that each resident can fully devote himself to work and his ideas. Sometimes coliving sites are divided into “clans”: programmers and developers live in some ones, musicians and artists live in others, and start-ups live in others. With such a community of interests, a kind of startup atmosphere is created, where each participant complements the other.

Rigid selection of tenants is the main rule of high-quality coliving. Most often, you need to fill out a questionnaire about yourself and go through an interview. But it is important to understand that this type of housing is not suitable for people with children. But it also happens.

What are Colivings Like?

Colivings can be “highly specialized” (for example, for artists or designers) and mixed, for months and weeks of living, the size of a large apartment or occupying an entire building, relatively budgetary in price and comparable to the cost of living in a good hotel.

What do Residents Want?

Most consider not only the bedroom, but also the bathroom with a toilet to be personal space, which means that these amenities should be attached to each separate room. But the kitchen, garden, workspace may well be common. In addition, many would like to select furniture to their taste.

Who is Coliving Suitable for?

Coliving has developed as a comfortable environment for young employees seeking self-development and knowledge. This format is more acceptable for single people, but it will also be interesting for couples.

When choosing a colleague, pay attention to the proposed conditions and their resilience, the location of the place and the surrounding infrastructure. Read the contract carefully – there should be no hidden fees or costs. And first read the rules of the community – there may be ambiguous wording.

Coliving is a good opportunity to find an interesting social circle, while getting good service for a fixed fee and not worrying about everyday problems.

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