Football or Soccer, as it is known in Canada, the United States, and Australia, is one of the most popular games in the world with a fan base of about 3.5 billion and holds a special place in the regions around the continents of Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

But the thing is, these fans out there don’t just admire the game and the fraternity. They themselves want to become a member of the community they grew up admiring! 

Unfortunately, becoming a professional footballer is one of the toughest profession and not even 10 percent of those dreamers reach their goal. 

However, the possibility of failure doesn’t stop them from trying and it shouldn’t stop you as well, because who knows you might be the next famous footballer of your generation!

So, today we are going to have a brief look at how all the aspiring footballers can reach their goal of becoming a professional football player.

Requirements for becoming a soccer player are sky high, but the primary thing that is needed to become a professional is-pure talent. If you are a bearer of the talent, then the next thing you need is motivation to get through the long journey that holds innumerable hardships for you. 


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In addition to that you will need proper training, connections, honest reviews and information about the possible opportunities. 

Oh! And don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of luck on top of the list.

Even though football is quite famous all over the world, it has a separate fan base in Europe and America because of which these two continents have their own unique way of training the aspirants and helping them in reaching their destination.

While Americans design their education system in a manner that easily enables the students to train for playing professionally alongside studying, European aspirants begin their profile by playing on the local teams and teams formed by the local clubs because the education system does not give much importance to extra curricular activities.

However, the similarity between these two continents is that, whether you play on your high school team or on some youth club’s team, you need to play at an advanced level! 

But the process is not easy as it seems. Being able to play at an advanced level is not a child’s play. For that you need to follow strict principles, take proper and basic training that helps you to form a strong base and practice that has no end.

Moreover, if you belong from continents of the southeast, the journey is tougher. This is because unlike Europe and America, continents like Asia and Africa are no so advanced about promoting their youth’s talent in the game. 

So if you are living in Asia or Africa, to start your journey in the game, start by playing locally and then take steps to cross levels and go from regional level to state level to finally national and international level!

But the good thing is, like the north eastern continents, these continents also have various scholarships to offer its youth. What you need is proper guidance, support of your loved ones and accurate knowledge about what goes inside and outside the field. 

If you have these all, you are all set to start your battle to reach the frontier, but remember to bring your luck with you!

But do every fan out there wants to become a professional?  Apparently no. 

But every admirer definitely wants to get their daily dosage of football games and that too in a manner that keeps their pockets happy!

The one-word solution for that is – soccerstreams. Just like the movie fanatics find out ways to stream movies, the football fan clubs stream soccer matches to watch in their own leisure time. Since subscribing to the sports channels upsets their pocket, they stream various sites available in the market to get fulfill their daily quota of football rush!

On a final note, to all the aspirants and potential football players, remember nothing is impossible, no matter what the statistics tell you. So, keep trying and remember luck won’t make you perfect but practice definitely will.

Kishan Rana

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