A Sparkling Engagement: Picking Jewels to Brighten the Occasion 

An engagement ceremony brings two people together. The purpose of this occasion is to declare an intention to spend the rest of your lives together in a committed and loving union. Considering how important this step is in a person’s life, the types of jewels that are worn are essential. Engagement jewels are a symbolic and crucial component of this fabulous moment.

In the past, selecting an engagement ring was all about choosing between the cuts and colors. These days more factors are being taken into account. It goes beyond knowing how and where you should purchase this significant piece of jewelry. This is a major purchase that is worth investing your time and energy into.


Trends generally determine what looks good at a particular moment. However, the jewelry that is associated with getting engaged is not a passing phase. If you opt for a sterling silver diamond, it is supposed to be a classic and enduring symbol of love and affection that people share forever. 


Perfection is boring but some people believe that precious stones should be flawless. Experts who specialize in diamonds focus on the aspects of carat, clarity, cut and color. However, these are not the only things to think about when you make your decision. 

The beauty of diamond engagement rings is derived from the sense of magic that is felt when wearing them rather than how perfect they are. There is no doubt that the grade is a worthwhile factor to consider but this should not be the only thing that determines your overall choice. 


Bigger is not always better but this is really a matter of opinion. If size is important to you, weigh the different options that are available. You may prefer to prioritize the size of diamond rings for engagement over their clarity and color. 


Engagement jewels showcase a person’s style. More people are choosing to go against the conventional options and are leaning towards jewels that bring out their unique personalities, traits and lifestyles. Look for interesting and different stones. There are also stones that look similar to diamonds, but may be less expensive, like a moissanite engagement ring. Working closely with a reputable jeweler is a great way to discover more options.


A stone certainly needs something to be placed around it before it settles down on your finger or around your neck on a pendant. Gemstones are comparable to artwork, which is why they need to be set inside a frame to create a masterpiece. 

In the amazing world of engagement jewels, you can be as adventurous as you want to be. Whether you want to be boldly unique or different, the most important thing is to pick pieces that reflect the wearer’s style. Visualize the jewels you want and use this imagery to guide you towards your final choice.


Everyone wants to feel special on such an important day. The magnificence of sterling silver diamond should match your own fabulous sense of style and confidence. Diamonds and settings no longer have to be traditional and predictable. Browse through your favorite jeweler’s site and explore the options.

Engagement jewels have certainly evolved over the years into fun, fresh and sleek pieces that will always be stylish. Choosing the shape of a diamond is an exciting and enjoyable experience because it gives you the chance to express yourself. Consider your personal style and home when you pick jewelry. 

For something subtle, oval and cushion shapes are ideal while pear and emerald shapes are a great choice for an angular approach and bold colors. The metal design that supports your stone is the delicious icing on the cake. 

When it comes to settings, you can enhance the sparkle of your diamond by experimenting with the design and width of the ring or keep it simple with a gold ring. The options are abundant and can appear to be overwhelming. Fortunately, jewelers are committed to designing each ring in their collection to ensure that everyone can strike the right balance between brilliance, beauty and proportion.

Designer Jewels 

Perhaps you find designer jewels intriguing or you have fallen in love with a certain jewelry line. Making the right choice is essential for getting pieces that work well with the rest of your jewels during an engagement ceremony. 

You may be in the market to take your jewels collection to th3 next level or add some sparkle to your big day. Match your theme and style with a number of designer pieces that create cohesion with the rest of your appearance.

Designer jewels should reflect your fashion sense or personality. It can be ornate and vintage or modern and sleek. There are different ways to collect designer jewels for your engagement. 

  • Choosing a designer- Find a designer whose work resonates with your preferences. You will know that you have made the right choice if you are constantly drawn to their pieces and are interested in checking their sites and stores for new designs. Stick with the jewels designer of your choice as you prepare to set up your engagement jewelry collection.
  • Choosing a Style- Just like with shopping for clothes and finding outfits that suit your style, your jewelry should be a personal choice. While picking designer jewels, you may opt for a design theme like feminine, ornate and sterling silver diamond or unpolished and raw stones. 
  • Versatile- After determining your engagement jewelry style, it will be easier to identify it. Wearing a certain jewelry style instantly defines your unique look and makes you appear glamorous. However, you can also embrace other aspects of your personality and spice up your overall image. Combine different bracelets and stylish pendants to create additional elements. 
  • Clothes- Choose the right items that will accentuate your clothing. Factors such as necklines and strapless dresses influence the type of jewelry that will work best for your style. Consider a choker style necklace when wearing a strapless dress and stringed v-shape jewelry for a v-shaped neckline. 
  • Face shape- A rectangular face works well with large earrings while triangular, oval and square earrings are ideal for an elongated face. Choose curved designs for a triangular face. Oval-shaped faces work well with virtually any type of earrings. 


Jewelry plays an important role in engagement ceremonies. Since time immemorial people have adorned themselves with pieces made from different materials. Jewels continue to be important accessories for commemorating special events. They vary in style and design and can be a symbol of affluence, fashion, commitment and femininity. 

An engagement is among the most memorable moments in your life. It officially begins the countdown to the wedding day. This type of occasion requires perfect jewels that showcase the significance of the event. Set aside enough time to shop around for jewels that suit your lifestyle and preference. 

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