Not sure how to fit in? Here’s how you can make friends on campus in Delhi

Let us be the first to congratulate you. You’ve secured admission into one of the best schools in Delhi! And that means you’re going to be moving out of your parents home and heading to the capital. Moving into a hostel or PG, travelling to campus on your own, taking charge of your own life, you’re on the verge of becoming a real adult after all. And while you’re super excited to explore and enjoy the incredible city that is Delhi, there are a few things still niggling at the back of your mind. Will you fit in? How will you make friends? There’s going to be so many people on campus, so how will you proactively be able to find the people who will stick by your side?

Thankfully, it’s not rocket science. Making friends in school is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is figure out where to look and how to strengthen your relationships. So, that’s what we’re going to take you through today. Let’s dive in.

Where to look:

Like we said, there’s no shortage of people on campus. And especially not when you’re going to one of Delhi’s top institutions. Which means it’s really important to find your kind of people, early on, before you get lost in the crowd. After all, the people on your campus now could end up becoming some of your closest friends in school, college and the rest of your life. That’s why knowing where to look for friends will make this process way easier for you. Here are some of the top spots that you’ll be able to find future friends in:

  • Classroom: Probably a no-brainer, but the people that you share your classes with day-in and day-out for the next few years should be your top choices when it comes to finding friends on campus. Since you’re going to study the same thing, you’ve got the perfect ice breaker to get to know one another. Don’t be afraid to talk to as many of your classmates as possible during the initial weeks as you never know who might end up becoming your closest friends.
  • Hostel or PG: One of the best parts about moving to Delhi is hostel life and the friends you’ll make there. Get to know your roommates and neighbours, and bond over chores, meals and games in the common room. The friends that you’ll make in your hostel are bound to be some of the closest relationships you develop during your time in the city.
  • Campus events: The first few weeks in your new school are going to be full of campus events and opportunities targeted towards talented students like you. From extracurricular clubs to MUNs to sports team tryouts, there’ll be tonnes of opportunities to meet and interact with others who are also new to your school.
  • Extracurricular events: Let’s be real, no one goes to school just to study any more. One of the most exciting parts of being a part of one of the best schools in Delhi has to be the different extracurricular opportunities that you can become a part of. This is a great opportunity for you to meet people who share your interests and talents, as well as learn or practice a skill.
  • Online: This is probably one of the most overlooked places when it comes to finding friends, but you can use your social media to do more than post selfies on Instagram. In the first few weeks at your new school, you’ll find your social circles expanding online as you’re added to new WhatsApp and Facebook groups. These can be a great way to get to know some new people who go to your school, who you might not be interacting with on a daily basis. Just don’t be one of those people who spams the group with forwarded messages and you’re good to go. 

How to strengthen your friendship:

Meeting people is the easy part. Now you have to navigate that awkward acquaintance stage before your bond solidifies into friendship. And how do you do that? Well, it’s simple. The answer is time. Spending time with some of the new people that you meet, especially one on one, is the best way to get to know them and see what kind of rapport you form. Our top tip here is not to go overboard with this idea. If you’re trying to spend one-on-one time with seven people at once, you won’t be able to focus your energy or attention on any of them. Instead start deepening your friendship with a few select people before you start expanding your social circle further. 

The next thing to keep in mind is accepting the fact that everyone will not be your friend. Even if you’re living in one of the best hostels in Delhi, there’s always the possibility that you might not get along with your roommate. And that’s okay. Knowing not to force a friendship is equally important. If you meet someone who you just don’t have enough in common with, then stick to cordial greetings and keep things courteous. There’s no need to get offended or feel hurt if a friendship that you try to build doesn’t work out. After all, your hostel is likely to be a thriving place to find new friends over a dining session or in a games area.

And lastly, remember that friendship is something that requires time and effort to maintain. Yes, your life in Delhi is going to be super busy and exciting. But if you get caught up in the rush and ignore your friends, you might lose out on their company. So, make deliberate plans and effort into spending time with your friends, and you’ll be able to maintain the relationship for a long time.

So, there you have it. Making friends on campus is a lot less difficult than it sounds. And now you know exactly how to do it. So, go ahead and put these tips into action. Good luck!

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