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One of the many reasons people choose PDF format is that it is a very secure file format. As a result, several web-based tools were created to help people alter their PDF files. One of those tools is the GogoPDF. It has several features that you would indeed like since it is easy to follow. Check out how to use some of its relevant tools:

Easy File Conversion Tool

One of the most functional file formats that ever existed is MS Excel. It has several programs that can potentially help someone because of its programs related to data management. However, there are also negative sides to having an Excel file format. First, it is prone to human error.

Also, this type of file format is hard to troubleshoot. Once an error occurs, it would be hard to fix it. Another issue is that it is prone to viruses. Therefore, once you already have your final result on your Excel file, you need to immediately convert it into another file format that is not susceptible to the abovementioned problems.

An ideal file format that would eliminate the problems above is the PDF format. Using GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF tool, you can quickly transform your file into a PDF format using the easiest and the most straightforward procedures. Rest assured that you do not need to be computer literate when using GogoPDF’s tool.

To start the process, you need to choose a file from your device and place it in GogoPDF’s tool. Once you are done with the first procedure, your Excel spreadsheet file would be analyzed by GogoPDF’s system. The process will usually take a minute. After that, you will see your file’s link. Click it and start downloading your newly converted file.

Also, there are tons of other file conversion tools that are available on GogoPDF. If you need to convert different file formats such as Word, JPT, and HTML into PDF files, you can easily do it using the same procedure.

How To Merge PDF Files

Combining several PDF files may sound complicated. Well, it is somehow true. But, with the right tool, you can do this in just a few clicks! Using GogoPDF’s Merge PDF tool, you can easily integrate several PDF files that can be seen on your computer or laptop. This merging program has a lot of advantages for you.

If you combine your PDF files, you can save a huge amount of space on your device since it will clear most unused folders. In addition, once you have a larger memory space, your device will run smoother. Also, once you combine your PDF files, you can have easy access to these files. So try it now!

To start, you have to look for the files in your device that you wish to integrate. After that, place these files in GogoPDF’s tool. Next, you can choose an option on how you want to combine these files. After that, GogoPDF will begin analyzing and integrating these files. In a minute or less, your file will be available, and you can start downloading it!


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How To Place A Watermark To Your PDF File

Once you post your PDF file on the internet, other people would take the chance of stealing the contents of your file. Unfortunately, this is a usual hindrance in the digital world. Hence, you need to add extra steps to make this information entirely yours if you have files containing information or data created by you.

To help you with this problem, you need to place a watermark on your PDF file. Placing a watermark in your PDF file is like putting something that belongs to you. Hence, with this approach, people would know that the file/s that you posted belongs to you. In adding a watermark, you need a reliable tool to make it easier, such as GogoPDF.

Using GogoPDF’s Add Watermark to PDF file, inserting a watermark would be an easy task. GogoPDF developed this tool to provide the fastest and the most reliable way of placing a watermark on a PDF file.

To start, choose a PDF file and place it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, select the watermark that you wish to incorporate into your file. Next, GogoPDF will begin the process. After that, you can click your file’s link and start downloading your file.


GogoPDF has always been providing the best possible results to their customers. With its growing number of users, GogoPDF never fails to amaze each user. If you are looking for other file formats, you can check out their website.

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