Give the Gift of an Animal Portrait to a Dog Lover in Your Life!

Get‌ ‌a‌ ‌stunning‌ ‌dog‌ ‌painting‌ ‌done‌ ‌for‌ ‌a‌ ‌special‌ person‌ ‌in‌ ‌your‌ ‌life!‌

Is there someone in your life who absolutely loves dogs? If so, then you probably wonder from time to time what the perfect dog-related gift you could him or her would be. In fact, you may have already asked some of your friends such as. “what gift would you give to a dog lover?

Well, here at, we have the perfect option: a custom dog portrait done by a professional artist. The process for having a custom dog portrait done through Paint Your Life is very simple. All that you have to do is to submit a photo of the dog in question to one of our artists.

Then the artist will take that photo and create a stunning painting from it. Then, the painting will be delivered to you. The process only takes 1-2 weeks. Many people who receive our paintings as gifts as blown away by how realistic they look.

Woman gives man beautiful dog painting for Christmas

Denyse’s Story

Denyse and her husband share a dog together, named Mandy. Both Denyse and her husband love their dog very much. So, when Christmas rolled around, she thought that she would get her husband a pet portrait of their dog, Mandy. Speaking about her experience with Paint Your Life, Denyse has this to say:

 “I purchased this painting of Mandy, our dog, for my husband as a Christmas gift and he loved it! The picture was so life-like that we couldn’t believe it. I have recommended Paint Your Life to my family and friends. My painting was completed really quickly and the artist did a wonderful job. We will have this painting forever! Thank you so much Paint Your Life!!”

As you can tell from Denyse’s review of her pet portrait from Paint Your Life, our artists deliver results that can be quite profound. There is something about seeing a painting of a beloved pet on canvas that fills a person up with emotion and makes them feel incredibly happy.

A way to remember a pet long after it dies

One of the best things about dog portraits from Paint Your Life is that they can last for many years. So, even if the person who you give the painting to loses his or her pet, he or she will still be able to honor the pet’s memory after death with the painting. This is very meaningful because pets unfortunately do not live the longest of lives.

People who receive pet paintings from paint your life often display them in prominent areas of their home such as their living rooms or their dining rooms. That way, they can show off their beautiful and beloved pets to all who enter their homes.

If you know someone who has a pet that is very old, or who has a pet that recently passed away, then a painting from Paint Your Life is an excellent way to help that person deal with the tragedy of losing their pet. Many people who lose pets find a certain level of comfort in the paintings our artists do for them. At the very least they feel better that their pet’s memory has been honored in a beautiful way.


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A perfect gift for anyone who owns a dog

Another great thing about pet portraits from Paint Your Life is that they are perfect for anyone who owns a dog. This could be a son, a daughter, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, a wife, a sister, a brother, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, etc. Anyone who owns a dog and who loves their furry friend will love a pet portrait of their pooch. Trust us, we have seen the reactions when people receive the paintings.

It doesn’t matter whether the dog is large or small, old or young, etc. our artists can capture his or her image in astonishing likeness. You will be amazed at the accuracy with which our artists will capture every single detail about your dog.  

We only hire exceptionally talented artists to paint for our company, so you can rest assured, knowing that the person who does your painting will be incredibly skillful. You can also choose which artist you would like to have do your painting by browsing through our artists on the site.

You can look through their completed works to see exactly what their paintings look like when they are done. Once you find the right one, just make the choice and let us know! We will make sure that the artist you chose will do your painting and you will get a spectacular result.

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