Every person dreams of having beautiful hair, regardless of gender. Men and women both want to have beautiful hair as hair adds a lot of beauty and style to the looks. Changing or playing with the hair is also something that people experiment with to change their whole look and appearance. 

Unfortunately, taking care of the hair is not as easy as it seems and can be very time consuming and in some cases, it may require too much effort. Hair treatments for women and men are very different in some instances while taking care of the hair at a personal front is similar for everyone.


The human body consists of various organs and organ systems. Even though it is a highly complex and evolved physical machine, just like every other complex system, it can also be broken down into a single effective unit called a cell. 

A cell is the most basic unit of the living organisms that collectively perform various life functions and group together to form tissues, organs and organ systems to carry out even more complex functions. All the cells in the body are created, and then at a particular duration of time they die, and the body gets rid of these dead cells. 

Some parts of the body that are exposed are actually not made up of living cells. In some cases, dead cells group together to form like the nails and the hair strands. Since the cells are dead, it does not hurt to cut the nails or the hair strands except for the place where they are connected to the body, where there are nerve endings.

So the hair, just like the nails, is a group of dead cells that are joined together. Hair strands also have a protein covering that protects it from the damage of the environment and keeps the moisture locked in them. This is called keratin. 


Even though hair strands are a group of dead cells, they are still prone to damage and dryness. Even exposure to sunlight and extreme exposure to environmental pollution can make the hair very dry, damaged and prone to breaking. It can even make people develop early greys and weak hairs.  

There are specific ways in which one can ensure to have beautiful lustrous hair without spending too much money or time.

  1. TREATMENTS: These days, various salons and centres offer multiple hair treatments for women and men. They include various procedures like keratin treatment or even deal with specific issues like hair fall, hair thinning, hair transplant etc. These treatments are offered to people of any age, young or old, at a low price these days to help them. 
  2. HEAT PROTECTION: People use various styles these days to style the hair using heating irons, curling rods and blow dryers. These instruments are very easy to use, and people can use them for styling even at their homes, without a professional. Unfortunately, these instruments heat the hair, which damages the hair immensely. In order to avoid extreme damage from high heat, it is essential to use heat protectants before exposing the hair to heat or use natural products like aloe vera gel that can act as a barrier between the hair and the heating device to decrease the damage. 
  3. HAIR MASKS: Even though hair has a layer of keratin to protect the strands from external damage and heat, the keratin layer can sometimes wear off and expose the hair to the outer surroundings. This is when the hair starts to become brittle and dry. Using hair masks at home with some basic kitchen products can help restore the moisture into the hair and promote healthy hair growth. Ingredients like yoghurt, honey, banana, egg and milk are very beneficial for the hair. 
  4. WASHING AND CONDITIONING: If the scalp is dirty, then you cannot expect to grow healthy hair. Try to wash the hair every two to three days to ensure that cleanliness is maintained and excess oil and dirt are removed. Using shampoos with less chemical content is a plus if one washes hair frequently. Using a conditioner after every wash can also be very useful in maintaining the moisture content of the hair, that may be ripped off due to sunlight exposure or even air pollution. 

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