Need Good Food While On Train? Online Food Delivery System Has Made It Easy

Do you love train journeys? Who doesn’t? After all we live in a time when everything needs to done in the speed of lights. And it is only train journeys that give us the time to laid back, relax, and enjoy the view from the windows. It takes more time to reach the destination if compared to the air- journeys, but the memories it creates can be cherished forever.

But do you know what create hindrance in this awesome train journeys? The food. Yes, train food is a nightmare for many, even with pantry cars, passengers have experienced the most terrible food possible.

Food delivery in train aap, by the railway authorities, as well as other websites linked with the rail food deliveries, have come to the rescue. Let’s take a look what passengers can expect from the e- catering services-

Easy order placing

Need food? The mobile ordering app is only a click away. Open it, or the one from the Indian railways. Enter your PNR number, type the station’s name you want your food, choose type and number of meals you want, select payment option, and you are ready to receive your food in the next station. Keep cash ready if you have selected the payment on delivery option while ordering.  Your food will be delivered right to your seat.

Choices for food

So what do you love to have in dinner? Vegetarian dishes? Non- vegetarian dishes? Jain special food thali, Chinese dishes, regional specialities, and a plethora of deserts options are available for passengers during their train journeys. So if you are wondering what are the food choices will I have if I book my food online? Here are few of the instances.

Hygiene and safety

One of the primary concerns when we buy food online, that too in trains, is that whether are not are those hygienic and safe. However, with the online catering services, passengers are able to avail food that is made under strict surveillance, freshly prepared and served, and covered with plastic wrap.

Quality and quantity

When you order your food from the e- catering services, you will be served with the amount of food that is enough for one person. If someone wants to have something extra, she needs to add it in the cart and then place an order. It is ensured that the quantity of food is something that nothing gets wasted. Plus, wholesome, warm, light, and freshly prepared food makes it easy for people to eat and digest.

24*7 support

In case passengers face difficulties in placing food order, payments, contacting the delivery personnel, or complaints and grievances with the quality, quantity and amount of food, they can always make a call to the customer care support. Immediate measures are taken based on the customers’ complaints.

To make your travel exciting, do check for mobile ordering app for train. Just open your heart and order.

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