5 Aspects to Consider While Choosing the Office Space Location

Looks like you are in search of an office space for your business. So, what are the important factors to be considered while looking out for an office space? As we have already discussed in our previous blog (How to decide if the office space is ideal for you), location is the primary thing that you need to consider while choosing an office space for your business.

We all know that, location can be the reason for the success or failure of your business.

But, how do you decide if the location suits your business?

What are the important aspects to be considered while determining the office space location?

Let’s dig them up.

  1. Business Type

Look at your own business type before choosing a location for your office space. When you think of getting into an office space, first see that if it really suits your business type. You are the business owner and it’s you who know the business and employees well. It’s you who have a clear idea about the space in which your employees can give their best.

For instance, if yours is a business where your employees will have to indulge in attending calls from the customers, it’s good to have your office in a location where there is less noise.

However, the office buildings these days can obstruct the noise from outside, but it’s good to choose the location wisely where there is less noise to avoid disturbance.

  1. Reachability

Assume yourself being offered a job in two companies of almost same value, and the only difference between two companies is the reachability factor. You can reach Company A within minutes very easily, whereas reaching Company B is a strenuous task. So, which company would you choose? It’s undoubtedly Company A, isn’t it? Same will be the thought of your employees; see if they can reach the office easily or you’ll have to make the necessary arrangements by offering them the facilities to commute easily.

Reachability also applies for the clients in some businesses, where they will have to visit the office for discussions and other activities. If yours is one such business, you’ll have to consider the reachability for your clients as well.


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  1. Competition

This completely depends on the way you see it. A few business owners like to have a sturdy competition in the field, so that they can keep themselves moving in a great pace to be alive in the competition. But some prefer to have lesser competition in as they are new to the field, and they just want to carve a name for themselves in the first place. Which one are you in these?

Having a competition has both pros and cons associated with it. You have to choose it yourself based on the pace you are in. If you are going vigorously and are capable of handling the competition well, you can set up your office in a location where there are some good competitors.

  1. Surroundings

What’s surrounding your office space? Is there any good restaurant or a cafe for your employees to get refreshed? Not just the restaurants, you also have to consider the other things that your employees wish to have in their proximities. These are the small things that add up to the pleasure of your employees, which reflect in their work.

This is the main reason that most of the multinational companies have a dedicated cafeteria for their employees, so that they can get there when they need some refreshment. Otherwise the employees will have to walk far out of the tech parks just to have a cup of coffee.

  1. The Past

Yes the past; I mean the past of the office space and the business that was operating in that location. Just see what kind of business theirs was and how helpful was that place to them. If your business is similar to the old tenants, it’s even easier for you to analyse the pros and cons of the location.

One more important thing to consider is the reason why the previous tenants left that place. Is it just because of the other commitments or is something wrong with that location? Knowing these things will help you decide if you really have to get into that office space.

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