Features Of Recruitment Database Software

If you are considering recruitment software to help make your business run more smoothly and to make the recruitment process easier, it’s a good idea to understand some of the features this type of software can offer and how it can affect your business.

Tools For Sourcing

Sourcing tools are specialized in finding and sourcing talent and are used by recruiting software. A sourcing tool runs a web search and scans millions of profiles online to retrieve an applicant’s contact information, email address, resume, etc. These two features can be incorporated into either sourcing tools or applicant tracking systems since employee referral programs and social media recruiting can be considered sourcing activities. Click here to learn more about social media recruiting.

Candidate Relationship Management System

Recruitment Software specializing in engaging talent are candidate relationship management systems. This software program is used to maintain and build long-term relationships with current and potential job candidates. In order to automate communications with candidates, encourage engagement and improve candidate experience, Candidate Relationship Management Systems are used.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Recruiting Software that specializes in attracting talent is known as Recruitment Marketing Platforms. Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition are effectively presented via Recruitment Marketing Platforms. Employer Brands can be showcased across multiple platforms, including company career sites, social media, and recruiting events, using Recruitment Marketing Platforms.

Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System is a type of Recruitment Software that streamlines and manages your recruitment processes so that recruiters can be more effective in selecting candidates. ATSs automate the parsing and screening of resumes to assist HR professionals in managing applications. Additionally, you can create a searchable database and keep track of candidates throughout the recruitment process with an Applicant Tracking System.

Eliminated Tedious Tasks

Filling out paperwork and completing forms are tedious tasks involved in recruiting. With recruitment software, these monotonous, time-consuming tasks can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Improves Productivity For Recruiters

Recruiting using traditional methods means you are usually confined to an office where you must use a computer or fill out paperwork. Employing online recruiting software can help recruiters become more productive. Users of recruitment software can connect on the go using their mobile devices, allowing them to work from anywhere using cloud technology.

Improves Social Reach

Today, social reach plays a huge role in recruitment. You can access a larger pool of candidates by connecting recruitment software to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can link your social media profiles to most recruitment software programs that offer social media integration options.

Improves Communication

A quick response time and effective communication with your own team and potential candidates are essential when recruiting. With this kind of software, you can automate things like responding to emails and use excellent communication tools. Utilizing recruitment software, you can greatly improve communication with candidates and keep them updated.

Streamline Data Collections From Candidates

Your own website and job boards are among the sources where you can receive applications via recruitment software. In addition, you can use this software to gather information about candidates that you can analyze later in order to improve your recruitment process. 

The tool can also provide you with other useful information, such as responses from candidates, how many people have viewed your advertisement, how many people have applied, and so on. With the best recruitment software for agencies, you get an impressive amount of useful information from your data flow.

Automates The Recruiting Process

An additional benefit of online recruiting software is that it eliminates the manual labor involved in recruitment. Many tasks can be automated and scheduling them for certain times and dates is possible. In addition to giving you more control, automation also allows you to focus your attention on other aspects of recruitment, such as analyzing your short list of candidates and conducting in-depth interviews.

Makes It Easier To Find The Right Candidates

Utilizing recruitment software has obvious advantages in this regard. Essentially, you can screen out non-starters and find better candidates. Recruiting software provides you with a powerful set of tools that lets you tailor your recruitment searches and find exactly the type of candidate you need with minimum time and effort.

Improves Business Sourcing Strategies

Recruiting can be problematic if you choose the wrong sourcing method. This may be due to the wrong type of candidate or the wrong location. By using a software for recruitment database, you can analyze your sourcing strategies and see where you are falling short. By using the same software that you currently use, you can further customize your sourcing in the future.

Available 24/7 

If you don’t want to go home with a pile of paperwork, you can’t always access traditional recruitment processes during the workday. Software for recruiting, however, lets you access these processes whenever you’d like. You can greatly increase your productivity by staying on top of your work throughout the day, and you will be able to respond to queries and applicants in a matter of seconds. You can access online recruitment software from anywhere.

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