5 FAQ’s About Modern Desk Booking Systems

 Are you looking for a workspace that suits your work-life needs? A desk booking system assists you in making use of highly flexible workspaces within your organization by allowing you to reserve a workplace when you need it.

Understanding desk booking systems is essential in deciding whether it’s the right choice for you. Here are 5 FAQs about modern desk booking systems to guide you:

1) How Do Desk Booking Systems Work?

Reserving a desk using the desk booking system is easy! All that is required of you is to search for an available desk or space based on capacity or location. The next thing is to choose the length of time you will require to use the space and finally check-in into your booked space upon arrival.

2) Does Desk Booking Allow for Social Distancing?

The simple answer is yes! When making a booking, the system usually automatically blocks surrounding desks. Therefore, when making your reservation, you will see a floor plan with free and blocked desks. These desk arrangements are done regarding your safety, hence blocked desks allow for social distancing.

3) What If I Don’t Show Up After I Make a Booking?

You want to be sure that you will use your space once booked because, think of it, your space could mean someone else misses a desk or your organization pays for the unused space. However, unavoidable circumstances may come up that could cause you to skip work. That’s why it’s best to look for a booking system that mitigates against this with an auto-canceling feature that cancels your space after some time if you don’t show up.

4) How Flexible Is It Working Using Desk Booking Systems?

Since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, many organizations have had to innovate ways to keep their employees while ensuring workflow. As a result, many businesses have a to-go solution remote working policy. Desk booking allows you to reserve available space before going into an office hence the freedom to work remotely.

5) What Are the Perks of Using Desk Booking Systems?

 There are plenty of reasons to consider using Desk booking to meet your needs as an employee. They include;

  • Can Help Save Money

For organizations’ management, desk booking is a cost saver! With managed access to who gets a workspace, organizations can only pay for used spaces, hence reducing real estate costs. With desk booking, the ratio of employee desks is increased, thus allowing many employees into fewer workspaces.

  • Better Resource Allocation

Save a few coins! Are you looking to free up some office resources? Desk booking monitors the available workspaces and whether they are in use or not. When employees are working offsite, their spaces can be allocated to other staff hence ensuring that no workspace that is paid for is unused.

  • Useful as A Planning Tool

One outstanding advantage for organizations using desk booking systems is the ability to have access to information concerning the use of workspace. This allows for better management of this office space and allows the management to look at workspace market trends- this is useful in planning for the future of employees and workability in organizations.

Work at Your Own Pace

Room booking provides you with an efficient way to balance your work-life needs by offering a flexible way to work remotely, hence enabling a smooth workflow and employee safety in these challenging Covid pandemic times and even beyond the pandemic!

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