Dos and don’ts for best tanning results

If you are getting ready for a party, wedding, beach vacations, photo shoot, and thinking about the tanning results you will experience later will scare you to think twice for tanning. However, tanning effects depend on how you take account of the necessary things before going for tanning. 

Several factors, such as hot water bath, facials, medications, cause the tanning even bad and uneven tanning all over the body. To avoid horrifying results, check the Dos and don’ts for best tanning results. Make sure to follow the consequences of each factor before going for spray tanning. 


  • Before spray tan with a spray tan gun with a good spray tan solution, prepare yourself by taking a cold bath, gently exfoliate, and shaving. Keep in mind that you should do these a full day before a spray tan to avoid darker areas due to open pores that allow the tanner to seep. 
  • Only use moisturizers and lotion made explicitly for spray tanning and applied before tanning. Use applying moisture a week before a spray tan to help hydrate the skin and ensure even better spray tan all over the body.
  • Before going for spray tanning, the last you need to do is wear a loose dress with flip flops and shoes to avoid the tan rubbing and removing off and avoid wearing light and tight clothes after the spray tan because they increase the chances of rubbing and removing of the tan even more. 
  • Do wear a suit to feel comfortable and not mind if the dress (undergarments) gets stained. However, you will have the choice of wearing suits or not according to your will. 
  • Wear glasses and hair protecting caps to avoid spray tan over hairs. Also, remove the accessories that might cause a barrier for a spray tan. 
  • Use barrier cream over rough skin areas of the body such as elbows, feet, and hands because they absorb more tan than other parts of the body. 
  • Before your spray tan, make sure to use moisturizer for a week because moisturizing can help hydrate, and after your spray tan, use moisturizer, especially for spray tan skin every day. This will increase the stay of the spray tan, and it prolongs effects. 
  • Only use soaps, body washes, and scrubs, which are spray tan-friendly. These will reduce the chances of spray tan rubbing and removing. Also, avoid hard and rough soaps and exfoliating oils that remove spray tan over the body.
  • Use self-tanning products that help to maintain the spray tan during the time of sessions. These self-tanning products are FDA allowed DHA (dihydroxyacetone) contained. The DHA is responsible for tanning the dead cells temporarily and making them darker. These products also retain the color within a few hours or more than that. 
  • Perform tan removal facial after a certain interval.


Before going for a spray tan, make sure you do not wear any perfume, deodorants, and make-up as all these become a barrier for a spray tan and reduce the integration of spray tan evenly over the body. 

  • Do not wear tight and light color clothes as the light colors are stained and tight clothes will rub the spray tan leading to its removing.
  • Do not work out after your spray tan; wait at least 24 hours to let the spray tan settle because if you sweat heavily, the sweat will remove the spray tan and reduce the spray’s life. Also, taking frequent showers due to workout and hard loofah will make the tan dull and dimmer. 
  • Do not wear make-up at all or any necklace, rings, or bracelets before your spray tan, as all the accessories and make-up tend to lower the tan absorption percentages and become a barrier for the spray tan. 
  • Do not use oils and moisturizers before your spray tan, and using a moisturizer before three to four hours interval can cause an uneven spray tan as the oils and moisturizers block the tanner to penetrate in the skin. 
  • Do not make social plans if you want your spray tan stays longer because, after a spray tan, you should not take a shower for five hours as some products might seem dark at first but are more prone to get off after a single bath. So, avoid social gatherings that require you to get ready, and also the smell of some spray tan can make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Do not over-exfoliate your skin; this will remove your spray tan and reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, don’t exfoliate hard with scrub or moisturizers if you want long term spray tan over your body. 
  • Do not use bandages or strips because these remove the spray tan because after the single application of strips will reduce the intensity of spray tan. 

Next time if you go for a spray tan, do not forget to remember the necessary things to get better results and don’ts to avoid all the obstacles in your way to having a glamorous, smooth, shimmering, and glowing tan body. 

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