Different Types of Live Dealers You Can Encounter at the Casino

The casino industry is constantly evolving, and much like other industries, technology plays a huge part in the development of casinos. Nowadays, casinos are no longer just the brick-and-mortar establishments that we associate them with. Going to the casino today can be as easy as turning on your laptop or your phone and connecting to the internet.

Online casinos are taking over today’s casino industry, due to how convenient they can be and how gamblers can feel more secure in an online environment where every transaction is regulated. Online casino games are no longer limited to programmed games which can get dragging as well as suspicious. It’s not uncommon for online gamblers to think that the games are rigged if they’re just playing with a program.

Online casinos have now adopted live games to simulate the real-life casino experience as closely as possible. Live casino games are managed by live dealers who you see in real time, and much like in physical casinos, there are various types of dealers that you should keep your eye on, as these dealers can help you adjust with how you play your games and gamble your money.

What Are Live Dealers?

Live dealers are basically casino dealers except that instead of working physically in front of people at the casino, they run the tables online. Every casino game which has a dealer also has an online counterpart, and these games are managed by live dealers. You can encounter live dealers when playing live blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other dealer-based casino games.

When sitting at a live table, you can see the live dealer in real time through a camera on the dealer’s side that is streamed on your screen. It’s virtually the same as playing in the casino, only that the table is on a screen and that the other players and the dealer aren’t physically with you.

With live dealers, you can let go of your worries that the games are rigged or that you’re being cheated. Live dealers let you see the action in real time and they make you feel as if you’re really at the casino.

Responsibilities of Live Casino Dealers

Entertain Clients

Like real-life dealers, live casino dealers must keep gamblers entertained. Live dealers are required to keep the game fun and to make sure that players are paying attention to what’s happening. To do this, live dealers are expected to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible in order to keep the game going and to prevent players from leaving due to boredom.

Maintain a Friendly and Polite Atmosphere

Even though live casinos are virtual, it’s still necessary for live dealers to maintain a positive atmosphere that is enjoyable for all players. Some online casinos have a virtual chat option where players can talk to each other as well as the dealer, and live dealers should pay attention to what the players are saying and the dealer should make sure to keep them engaged. The more the players are engaged, the more they play the game.

Make Players Comfortable

One of the main reasons why people prefer to play live casino games over other online games is because they feel much safer and less prone to being cheated if they actually see what’s going on in front of them. This makes it the job of the live dealer to make sure that the work he or she does will not seem suspicious and that players are afforded as much transparency as possible. This way, players are encouraged to keep on playing.

Handle Stress Appropriately

Gambling can get pretty stressful especially if a player runs bad. In such cases, the dealer must know how to handle situations where players may get irate and chastise the dealer or even other players through the virtual chat option. It’s the job of the live dealer to defuse such situations in order to keep the game flowing smoothly.

Different Types of Live Dealers

The Newbie

Much like every other job, there are always beginners when it comes to live dealing. These dealers may fumble with the cards or whatever their task may be which could make it dragging for players to continue playing. It’s like they’re making mistakes every other round and it’s easy to get impatient with them. If you recognize that your dealer is a newbie, try to be more empathic and to have more patience, or transfer to another table to avoid a nasty and unnecessary confrontation and to keep you in a good mood.

The Veteran

On the other hand, there are dealers who have been working the tables for years, and live dealing can seem so effortless for them. They’ve probably seen it all happen, from huge life-changing wins to devastating losses, so they also know how to handle situations well. With veteran live dealers, the game can seem to be flowing so quickly which may even make it seem that the stakes are much higher. These are the dealers who you want on your table, so make sure that you hold on to your seat if you’re seated with this type of dealer.

The Cheerleader

There are times where you may feel like you’re sitting in a game where the dealer gets more excited than the players. Of course, your reaction is highly dependent on how you’re running that game. It can get pretty irritating to see the dealer celebrate with other players while you keep on losing, but sit on the table long enough and you’ll likely see the dealer come around and be on your side as well.

The Guide

Some casino games can get pretty confusing, even for regular players. Decisions made at the table even by the most seasoned gamblers are usually random. This type of live dealer is someone who will assist new players and take them step-by-step throughout the game. You may even see this dealer asking players if they’re sure with their wild bets to allow them to rethink their decisions. If you think that you’re running bad but you can’t seem to leave just yet, try looking for a table with this type of dealer.

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