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An invoice or bill is a financial document issued by a seller to a buyer asking for payment. A bill and invoice are the same, and both portray the same information — about the products, sale transactions, quantities, agreed prices, etc. The only difference is that an invoice is issued by the supplier, seller, or service provider for the products or services they provide. And the same invoice is considered as a bill by the customer. 

On the other hand, a receipt is proof of payment made by the customer to the supplier/seller for the services received.

An invoice generator is a DIY tool that lets you create an invoice online effortlessly. Anyone, even novices, can generate an invoice customizing a pre-created invoice template. An online invoice generator helps you send PDF invoices, download, or print, enabling businesses to automate their invoicing process.

Designhill Invoice Maker 

Designhill’s Invoice Generator is a single-point solution for those struggling to create invoices for their business without breaking their banks. The Designhill invoice creator comes with an interactive interface that makes invoicing effortless.  

The most important thing about this billing tool that makes it stand out is that it renders custom and ready-to-use invoices that can be used for professional and personal purposes. You just need to fill in the requisite details and then click on the “Generate Invoice” button. It’s as simple as that! Your invoices are ready to use. 

You don’t need to download and install any software to use it. Just launch the website from anywhere, and create your invoices independently without spending a penny as it comes absolutely free. 


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Professionally personalized invoice is just a click away! 

Designhill’s free invoice generator lets you create your custom and ready-to-use invoices for personal and professional use. Its invoice templates make the entire invoice-making process an effortless task. Whether you’re a small business owner or an established entrepreneur, a pro-designer or novice, you can quickly generate invoices with appropriate details and in a professional look.

All you just need to do is to fill the required fields and go ahead with the process. It takes just a few clicks! Create your invoices now!

How to create an invoice using Designhill invoice builder

With Designhill business tools, you can fulfill your various business needs such as graphic designs, logos, banners, and many more. Using its invoice maker tool, billing your clients is no more a nightmare for you! Use professional invoice templates our invoice maker has to offer! The tool is equally helpful for small businesses as well as an established ones. 

Things you get with Designhill free invoice generator

Professional templates: With pre-designed invoice templates in action, you don’t have to juggle much.

Easy-to-use interface: Designhill invoice creator features a click-based interface that simplifies the whole designing process for you.

Customized layout: You can customize the layout with your choice of colors, fonts, and elements using this bill maker.

Add your brand assets: This invoice software allows you to add your brand assets like a logo for a more professional look.

Fast turnaround: You can generate an invoice in just a minute. It’s quick and easy. 

Take a print or send a digital invoice: You can either print your invoice or send it digitally to your clients.

Track your invoices: You can track your invoices to check cash flow for easy record keeping.

No expertise needed: Whether you’re a pro designer or novice, you can create an invoice in just a few clicks.

Final words

Creating a custom invoice is really challenging for many businesses, especially when you’re a startup running on a shoestring budget or don’t wish to hire a designer. But with Designhill billing software, you can make an invoice in minutes, even without spending a penny. It’s fun! The invoice generator helps you reach your clients more professionally. You can send professional invoices to each of your clients efficiently. It gives your business a whole new meaning. 

The best part of Designhill invoice maker is that it’s an easy-to-use tool—anyone without having any technical skill can use it. Also, it’s absolutely free to use. You don’t need to spend a penny on invoice creation. 

Moreover, Designhill’s online invoice maker is fast, efficient, and easy to use. The click-based interface makes it pretty simple for everyone to design an invoice. It can wow you with its professional look and feel, and that’s for sure.

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