Considerations And Benefits Of BOSU Ball

If you are a health-conscious person and loves to maintain your body shape, then you might be searching for some exercise tools. Purchasing the gym equipment is something that not everyone can afford, and people may want to buy a single device that can help in multiple exercises. That is why this balance trainer half ball is invented. This is a half-circular ball with one inflated size, and the other has a flat platform. You might be thinking about how this odd half ball can help exercise, but it is a solution to your many workout problems.

What is a BOSU Ball & What Is Its Function?

A half ball made up of an inflatable rubber, latex, or PVC, and furthermore, there is a flat side attached to a hard plastic underside; it is referred to as a BOSU Ball. This balance trainer half ball is specifically designed to do the exercises on the floor, engaging your variety of muscles. This soft half ball comes with a specific purpose of mobility training and balance training. Consequently, you will have flexibility and strength in your body.

These balls have become essential for gyms as well. Wherever you’ll go for a workout, you will find BOSU Ball there, which depicts its beneficiary nature. Having versatile benefits, this ball will make your exercising even more challenging and rich in perfectly shaping your body.

Things To Consider While Buying A Balance Trainer Half Ball

Before buying a BOSU ball, there are certain things to consider, and they are as follow:

Weight Bearing Capacity

As you know, a BOSU Ball is an inflatable piece of rubber, and so it can also deflate if the weight limit is being crossed. And you know what’s worse? It can get pop. Every BOSU ball has its different weight-bearing capacity that you must consider before buying. If you buy a half ball with a lesser weight limit than yours, then you are totally in the loss. So, always go through the weight limit specifications before buying any balance trainer half ball.

Texture Of Balance Training Ball

The texture of this ball is specifically resistant to the sliding. It is made up of the surface with a stronger grip and does not let you slip away even if you are sweaty. So, check the texture, whether it slips or not, because a slippery surface will not let you exercise properly, and additionally, you can get hurt also.

Intended Purpose Of Balance Training Ball

You might be thinking about the dire purpose of BOSU ball. You can have a softer ball that is more unstable and purposely used for high balance training. On the other hand, little harder balls are also available that have a spring inbuilt. These balls are less unstable and can be balanced more easily.  

Benefits Of BOSU Ball

Improves Balance

The very first argument in the race of BOSU ball’s benefits is to improve balance. For instability training, trainers use BOSU ball, and it causes significant improvements. Balanced training is specifically helpful to older people who have lost their balance and are more likely to fall and get hurt. But a greater level of balance is such an achievement for everyone. Balance training is even more effective with resistance training.

Diversity In Exercises

Adding diversity in your exercises is very healthy for your body, and it brings visible changes in shaping your body. It improves your exercising routine and adds flavors to your daily boring and dull workout routine. If you force your body to adjust different exercises routine, you will easily maintain your body balance. You can do multiple exercises with this balance trainer half ball, and this will modify your body according to your desires. You can also make a home gym with a BOSU ball because it offers you plenty of exercises, yet it’s affordable.

Intensify Your Workout

Whenever you do a heavy workout such as dumbbells’ lifting, you push your muscles to grow. This intensity of your training will alter your routine into a more challenging one. For increasing your workout intensity, you can add lifting barbells, squats, pushups, and lunges into your exercising routine.

Helpful In Physical Therapy

BOSU ball being an unstable device works easily on the body, and many pieces of research have claimed that using an unstable tool reduces the overall force output. Please do not consider it good for high professional athletes but know that this half ball works excellently in physical therapy. Many therapists use this ball to maintain the balance and stability of their patients.

Exercises With BOSU Ball

There are several exercises that you can do without anyone’s assistance with a BOSU ball. Those exercises are as follow:

Mountain Climbing Exercise

  • This exercise targets your core.
  • Place the ball on the floor.
  • Put both your hands on both edges of the flat side.
  • Fathom your core.
  • Start to drive one knee at a time towards your chest and maintain a straight back.


  • Place the BOSU ball down on the floor.
  • Stand behind at a comfortable distance from the ball so that you can easily step forward onto the middle of the ball.
  • Keep your chest up and step forward onto the center of the ball and try to maintain balance.
  • Stand up and step your foot back to the start.
  • Repeat this process with the other leg.

Note: This exercise requires a lot of stability, so be careful while exercising.

Squat (V)

  • Place the BOSU ball flat side down on the floor.
  • Stand up with your heels in the middle of the ball while pointing your toes outward.
  • Now keep on squatting down.
  • Keep your arms outward in front of you.

Leg Holding Exercise

  • Place the BOSU ball down on the floor.
  • Place one foot onto the middle of the ball and step on it while balancing your one leg.
  • Try to keep your balance for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this process with the other leg too.


If you are looking forward to enjoying the usefulness of a BOSU ball, then pick the right hall ball for you at first and then make your home gym and work out the way you want.

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