Best Christmas Party Names Ideas

Christmas is around the corner, and naturally, it is the time when pubs, restaurants, and every single house is hosting a party. One of the many things to consider is how to pick one, the best of the many Christmas party names. Coming up with a catching and interesting name for your party is important, especially when it comes to Christmas. To grab people’s attention, you need absolutely every advantage – including a perfect, catchy name.

While you can use any of the following Christmas party names, you can also think of creating your own version. Below are listed Most Catchy Christmas Party Names This Season

Letters to Santa

For a kid holiday party, arrange letters to Santa Clause themed party. Set up a place with paper, supplies, etc, where they can play and decorate cards and write their wishes.

A royal Christmas

A sophisticated gold and red themed party is the ideal way to add a touch of elegance to your season. Offer a delicious red punch and liven up your space with red flowers and fruits.

Our little favorite things

You are hosting a wild party for your friends and guests? Organize an “our little favourite things” themed party where your guest gift each other while drinking winter cocktails. Set budget limit before your guest even starts with choosing the items.

Frosty the Snowman

You just can’t go wrong with this old fashioned theme. Simple, yet entertaining snowman holiday party with frosty cakes and strings of a snowman on the walls or ceiling.

A December to remember

Well, the name itself says all about this idea. Invite your customers and guest to experience a memorable December in your production.

Other Christmas Party Names

  • The rolling snowball
  • X-Mas X-citement
  • A not so silent night
  • Wild frosty fest
  • Let’s gather make it a December to remember 
  • Christmas character party
  • Holidaze
  • Ho-Ho-Holiday!
  • The jingle ball
  • Elfed party
  • Santa’s cookie crew
  • Christmas night around the world
  • The Merry little party
  • Open house
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters 
  • Let’s get toasty
  • I prefer white Christmas, but red will do (red wine party)
  • A very tipsy Christmas
  • Rudolf’s party
  • A Christmas auction
  • Wrap & Wrum
  • Cookie exchange
  • Who am I? Christmas edition
  • Fill Santa’s sleigh
  • The 12 cocktails of Christmas
  • Christmas carol-oke evening
  • Mistletoe & Margaritas
  • Christmas wonderland
  • Magic on (host street address)
  • Nice and naughty
  • Santa soiree
  • Cocktails and Santa candies
  • Naughty / bad Santa party
  • Inviting All You Ho Ho Hos
  • Reverse Christmas wish summer/beach theme
  • Wine & Wrap
  • Swap �til you drop exchange
  • Festive fiesta
  • The goodwill gala
  • The jubilee party
  • Spirits and sparkles
  • Mistletoe mania
  • Gingerbread house party
  • A Gatsby Christmas
  • The nightmare just before Christmas
  • A candy cane Christmas
  • A storybook Christmas

The Takeaway

While you may be looking for something even more tempting, this list can serve as a good basis for where to start. Bear in mind that once you have invited your guest and customers, put together a quick checklist in order to track all small details.

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