Choosing a Tennis Racket

Regardless of whether you are a casual player or hoping to be the next tennis superstar, purchasing a tennis racket can make a significant difference to your performance. Not every tennis racket is created equal, as each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are considering tennis as a regular sport, in any range, the best racket for you is an investment that you should research thoroughly.

The three most critical aspects you have to remember before purchasing a tennis racket are head size, weight, and grip size.

Head size

It is ideal to choose a tennis racket with larger head size. Rackets with a bigger head size have a more prominent sweet spot. It is the middle area that is used to hit shots. Having a more prominent sweet spot is helpful for learners since your approach is still under development.

You may not be able to hit the ball flawlessly yet. However, with a bigger racket head and a sweet spot, you will find it easier to hit the ball, even though your pacing and technique are not yet perfect.


The best racket for a beginner should be the lighter type. You will see that it is easier to swing, and you can use it for a more extended period. Heavier rackets can be challenging to move around at first, as the muscles you are applying for tennis are yet to develop.

A lightweight racket will feel a little effortless to hold and swing. However, it would be best if you would also be mindful of getting a racket that is too light since you might gain a faulty technique, such as flicking your hand.

Grip size

It is also crucial to have a tennis racket with the correct grip size because if the grip is too tight, you will wind up gripping the handle too hard, this will strain your muscles and may potentially cause injuries. If you have a large grip, it will be more difficult to use your wrist to shift your grip.

The correct grip size will feel comfortable to perform with, while still enabling a full range of movement in your forearm and wrist. Racket grips are expressed differently based on your country. Tennis racket grip measurements are taken at the very center of the racket handle and could vary between 4 inches and 4 5⁄8 inches.

Just because a tennis racket attracts you by its look alone, keep these questions in mind before deciding to purchase it:

What is your body size and strength?

Many rackets are better equipped for different sizes and strengths of players. If you are naturally strong, you might need to use a racket that provides you with more control and does not contribute too much power to your swings. Otherwise, you may find that you will need support in generating more strength.

What type of swing do you have?

Any coach or regular tennis player can check your swing and explain whether it’s fast, average, or slow. A quicker swing will often generate more power than a more deliberate rhythm, in which case the racket to purchase should be less potent as your quick swing will add more strength. If you want more power from the racket, a narrower structure is likely appropriate for you.

What is your style of play?

Playing with an aggressive or defensive style will influence the type of racket you need to choose. If you’re an offensive player, you’ll want to strike the ball stronger, which suggests that a durable racket could be perfect for you. If you’re a defensive player, a racket with a narrower frame might be best.

A single tennis racket will not be the one you will use forever; you must upgrade your equipment as you improve your skills. If this happens, the small cost of buying the appropriate racket will be a worthwhile investment.

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