Brighton Travel Guide – Things to do and see

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the seaside breeze, then Brighton is a good choice. The town has a mixture of characters ranging from families to hippies and is one of the most popular sites visited during summer. The parties and festivals held in this town during summer also mean you will never lack things to do. However, taking a coach to Brighton during the off-seasons will also be a fulfilling experience that dint involves beach parties.

What to do

One of the reasons why Brighton is a preferred destination for tourists is the Brighton Greeters program. It allows you to explore the town with the help of locals that will take you to unique places. Sign up for the program before you arrive at the city.

Alternatively, you can explore the city on your own as you enjoy your preferred activities. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there are plenty of activities to engage in. examples include visiting the Fabrica gallery, visiting the world’s oldest aquarium at Sea Life Centre, checking out event at the Brighton Centre, and enjoying the town’s views from the i360 tower. You could also shop around the independently owned shops for unique items as souvenirs.

Places to go

Other than the beach, you could visit the Brighton pier, the Royal Pavilion, the Devil’s Dyke, and the Brighton centre. All these places have different settings and ambience that you can choose depending on your mood.

Travelling costs

Brighton has several accommodation options you can choose from, and they come at different prices. You could opt to camp at the park around the town, or you can choose a dorm room that will cost you between 15 to 25 euros every night. Camping sites cost between 10 to 20 euros per night depending on the season. Private rooms are also charged according to the season with the offseason being approximately 15 euros and the peak season being 50 euros per night.

If you prefer hotels, be prepared to pay between £50 and £75 every night. Airbnb options are cheaper, especially if you’re sharing with other people. They are the better option when you’re travelling as a group.

When it comes to meals, expect to spend between £5 and £15 per meal depending on where you eat. You can also buy groceries if you are renting an Airbnb apartment and cook for yourself.

Your choice of transportation will also determine how much you spend in a week. You could take a coach to Brighton, or you could use a cab. Renting a bicycle is another good option, or you can enjoy the city on foot. Whatever option you choose, be ready to pay between £1 and £25 daily.

Additional tips 

Brighton never gets too hot or too cold, which gives it the perfect weather. Most people still chose to visit during summer, do if you want less crowd, visit on any other reason. March to June or September to November are some of the best months to visit. 

Although the town has very low crime rates, you should still be careful when in high traffic areas where you may be pickpocketed. Don’t leave your luggage unattended on the beach either.

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