Bleeding gums? Fix the issue with a custom teeth night guard!

If you find that your teeth are hurting, your jaw is always in pain during the day, you are having trouble drinking very cold liquids, and your gums are bleeding, these are all warning signs that your mouth health is in danger. If your oral hygiene suffers due to poor brushing habits, lack of dental care, or teeth grinding at night, this is cause for medical concern. If your gums are bleeding, this can wreak havoc on your daily life – not only will everything you drink or eat taste like blood, but it can be unsightly for other people to look at and also cause you to be embarrassed when talking to other people. 

Not to mention, it is painful! Avoid bleeding gums from taking over your life by wearing custom teeth night guards from Teeth Night Guard Lab to simply fit the problem without any surgery or oral procedures.

Bleeding gums – what is the cause and how to fix it

There are various causes of bleeding gums that may cause you to have pain and discomfort in your mouth. If your gums are inflamed and red, this can be the result of various issues, such as teeth grinding, plaque buildup, and other issues. If you find that your gums are bleeding, you need to focus on your oral health – avoid any plaque buildup that can be forming at the gum line of you’re by bruising better, using floss, and using mouthwash. Avoid gingivitis – or inflamed gums – by getting rid of plaque that has formed on your teeth enamel. If you find that your gums are constantly bleeding and there is no respite from this harmful condition, this can be the result of periodontitis – this is the result of years or months of lack of oral care and hygiene that can lead to jaw disease, bone disease, and bleeding gums. 

But how do you fix bleeding gums? If you feel like this is beyond repair, there are various ways that you can take care of your oral hygiene. Even though you may be past the point of not running in terms of caring for your gums, there is always something to do to ease the pain and prevent the issue from getting any worse. Some of the most common ways that you can get rid of bleeding gums include the following:

  • Using a cold compress – will not solve the issue, but it will reduce inflammation and reduce pain associated with the gums
  • Eat fewer carbs – although this can be hard, eating fewer carbs has been shown to reduce the chance of bleeding gums!
  • Avoid daily stress -if you are stressed at work o in school, try to do anti-anxiety methods to help you stay calm and avoid high levels of stress
  • Stop smoking – if you are a cigarette smoker, stopping smoking will help fix bleeding gums
  • Oral hygiene practice- one of the best ways to stop bleeding gums is to practice oral hygiene (brushing teeth flossing, etc).
  • Wear a custom teeth night guard- the best way that you can help stop bleeding gums is to wear a custom teeth night guard to avoid teeth grinding!


As you can see, bleeding gums is a nasty disease that can take over your life. Avoid this from getting worse by wearing a custom teeth night guard and avoiding teeth grinding! 

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