Why You Should Read the Article About the Best Web Hosting for Students

Are you a student and need to create your online study project? You don’t have to buy expensive hosting. Today free website hosting for students is not a pipe dream but a reality. Where to look for such offers, and how can you get a quality service for free?

The best option is to ask professionals for advice. Sitechecker experts have created a detailed article — “Best Web Hosting for Students: the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Providers”. It will be useful to all students who are currently looking for a cheap or free plan.

The author of the article answers the most popular questions:

Also, experts have already prepared a list of the best web hosting providers for students.

What the Sitechecker article is about, and is it worth reading at all? Find out in this short free server hosting for students review.

What Do You Need to Know About Student Hosting

Hosting for students has its own specifics. In this article, the experts consider three main factors that should be focused on. First of all, it should be said about the most important thing. This is the price.

Price is Factor Number One When Choosing a Provider

A high school, college, or university student usually cannot afford to buy hosting for $500 a year. Fortunately, the providers took care of the learners by creating special low-cost plans. At the same time, other companies offer hosting absolutely free!

This means that hosting is available to all students, without exception. Thanks to this, everyone can create a personal blog or their own website on WordPress or Joomla. Besides, it is possible to host your applications in Python, ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, and other technologies. And all this for a few bucks a month or for free.

In the article, you will find out which providers offer free annual packages and which of them give a free domain. Also, you will learn about costs in the different companies. And you find out why sometimes it is worth choosing a paid package with extra services.

Further in the education web hosting review, read about the different types of best web hosts for students.

What Type of Server Should You Choose for a Student Project

You may already know that there are several types of hosting. When choosing a plan for a student project, experts recommend paying attention to the cheap and user-friendly option. These are shared, cloud, and managed WordPress hosting.

In the article, the author explains why these types of hosting are most suitable for students.

For example, shared hosting is the cheapest. This is an excellent option if you have basic needs and up to 1,500 website visitors per day. Although, there are nuances that you will find out in the article.

Cloud hosting is often free. A giant like Google offers special student packages with a great set of study tools. Read the article on Sitechecker.pro website and figure out where else to find free web hosting for college students. A review of annual plans will help you choose the option that suits your needs.

Extra information

The experts created the article “Best Web Hosting for Students: the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Providers” as useful as possible. If you have enough time and patience to read it to the end, you will receive a great bonus.

In the last two parts, the author of the article gives links to a comparison of the most popular providers. Plus, you’ll get a list of six hosting and SEO tools that every website owner needs. And in the completion of the text, you will find answers to the most common questions about student hosting.

Be sure to read the article to the end!

Student hosting is an excellent offer for all high school, college, and university learners. Share the article with your friends and classmates so that they can choose the best cheap or free plan for students too!

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