The 10 best Trustpilot alternatives

Interested in finding out some of the best Trustpilot alternative platforms? Stay tuned as we have gathered together 10 best Trustpilot alternatives of 2022.

We claim them as best as they are very similar in key features as well as in terms of benefits. Read through the following and see if you could consider any of the alternatives for future use.


Yotpo can be a great alternative to Trustpilot as it allows customers to put their reviews through comments, or visual marketing and also allows significant interaction with the businesses directly.

The full form of Yotpo is ‘Your Opinion, The Public Opinion’. It is an excellent platform for the small-business community.

Power Reviews

Power Reviews targets to produce and market engagement from the consumers for different brands and retailers.

It is one of the platforms which provides great technology and tools for the businesses or e-commerce companies by which they can do product reviews as well. It is again a brilliant alternative to Trust pilot and is excellent for medium-sized businesses.


Podium is a cloud-based software for business to modernize its interaction with the customers. Therefore, it serves similar aspects which are mainly getting feedback from the consumer community through messaging, comment or rating.

The companies can also connect directly with the customers and hence, improve business strategy.

Bazaar Voice

Bazaar voice is another user-generated platform which gathers information from the customers and allows others to read through the reviews or ratings before making a purchase.

The place is again great for the medium-sized business owner as they not only get to open a page for their companies but could interact with them to improve the quality of their business.

Y ext

Y ext is slightly different from other platforms. It is mainly a data management tool which helps business owners with keeping track of their business on various directories.

Companies could list any information on location, times, their products and services, holidays, about staffs, photos, videos and event calendars.

By allowing yourself in multiple sectors you can easily be found by different interested consumers in a short span of time. The platform is one of the best for both small-sized and medium-sized businesses.

Smile Back

Smile Back is a platform which targets customers’ satisfaction by allowing customers to review or rate any business after they received any service or transactions.

For both customers and business owners, Smile back introduces one click away system by which the customers can put their feedback, and the owners could look into them instantly.

The companies could actively get involved with the customers through different mediums such as chats and can keep an eye on the upcoming reviews by various aspects, e.g. trends, or dashboards.

Bird Eye

According to Bird Eye, The primary objective of the website is to create an all-in-one experience for customers.

With that, the platform offers excellent experiences to the businesses from where they can retrieve feedback and work on improving their business strategies. The platform proves to be a fantastic option for the medium-sized business owner.

Review trackers

Similar to others, Reviewtrackers is also based on customer experience information. So the customers put their reviews or feedback online, while the companies could get insights on to their business system and thus, improve.

The platform allows the owners to improve their business as they would monitor the ratings, reviews, and feedback from the students.


In Reevoo, you can give the reviews for products and experiences from customers are presented separately, which provides the information in more vivid ways.

This also allows the companies to get insights on to their products or services. This platform works wonderfully for both small and medium-sized companies.


It is once again a site where consumers can leave their ratings as well as reviews on different types of businesses or products they used.

Like others, the platform offers both free and premiums services to both customers and business owners.

Final words

So here you go! Top 10 best Trustpilot alternatives could give you experiences similar to the Trustpilot website. Overall, these all sites retrieve information on user experiences and help the companies largely in gathering insights into their business, services and strategies.

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