Choosing the Best Type of Baby Carrier for Parents

Babywearing is one useful baby essential for parents. It comes with a long comfortable fabric to wrap around the user’s upper body while carrying the baby. It also brings convenience because it allows you to attend household chores and other activities while carrying the baby. 

There are many options today in using a baby carrier. Most online baby essentials shops are offering them in different designs and styles. It will be up to the buyer what the most suitable one is, for their needs.  

  • Wraps

This type of babywearing is the most common and simple. It is also the easiest one to manage, especially for first-time parents. A wrap is a long piece of fabric used to wrap around your body in carrying the baby. By tying loose ends, you can create a cozy snuggle space and security for the baby. There are many ways to wrap the fabric properly, but it’s not easy to do it in the beginning. You need to practice with an object first or a doll on the wrapping method you do before you can carry the baby around you.

  • Ring Sling 

A ring sling type is easier to manage, among others. It is made from one long piece of fabric (measuring two metres long) and two rings. The fabric cloth is worked through the rings to secure a pouch to sit in. There is no need for tying the loose ends, unlike the wraps. It is usually worn across the upper body torso while supported by one shoulder.  

  •  Meh Dai Carrier 

Meh Dai is a hybrid type of babywearing, combining both features of a wrap and buckle carrier. Usually, Meh Dai appears to be a soft structured carrier with a two-shoulder strap, two straps for the waist, and long pieces of fabric to use. In a literal sense, you will have several ties wrapped around the baby. Therefore, it is highly adjustable to any body type. 

  • Backpack Carrier

The backpack-type of baby carrier is more useful to carry the baby for a longer time. It is designed when you plan to take the baby out of the house, such as strolling in a park or walking around a mall. It is also more secure because it has padded shoulder straps and additional straps used to fasten around the waist and chest. It also helps the carrier maintain a proper posture while helping the baby’s proper weight distribution. 

  • Buckle Carrier (Soft Structured Carrier)

The buckle carrier is also referred to as the soft structured carrier. It has a proper and wide panel that allows the baby to rest in a proper position called a frog position or spread-squat position. It is most natural for infants and avoids hip dislocation for the baby. The straps used in this type of babywearing are all adjustable, which allows the carrier to find it most comfortable and well-fitted.


Upon knowing the different types of baby carriers, the buying decision will depend on the baby’s weight, material, and purpose of why you need to have babywearing for the infant. They say using these sling pouches for babies is the best way to maintain a close connection with mom and dad from the start. It also supports the parents in handling tasks while carrying the baby to sleep. Indeed, babywearing brings a lot of benefits to parenting, especially for babies.   

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