Token sales: 5 Powerful benefits a project enjoys through this fundraising technique

Nowadays, token sales happen frequently, and many businesses raise money through this technique. However, some technology project owners lack information about the key advantages they can reap by using this method. So, suppose you have an early-stage business. In that case, it’s essential to identify the key benefits of using a token sales process. This knowledge helps you to be determined in conducting a successful token sale 2022. Here, we focus on the critical benefits of token sales to early-stage businesses.

What are token sales?

In a token sales event, a firm trades part of its virtual tokens via a crowd sale. The token sales event helps to distribute tokens to various investors who fund a crypto project. Unlike Initial Public Offering (IPO), which has rigorous and time-consuming requirements, token sales happen faster on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that applies cryptography for safe transactions. A token sales event has various objectives that project owners want to attain. Here are the key goals that a company might want to achieve via an upcoming token sales event:

Raise a capped amount: A token developer might want to limit their total collections to align with their actual expenditure of creating the network. Such a developer wants to avoid the attention of raising far too much more than what they anticipated.

Trade a fixed percentage of the total tokens: During a presale token phase, you might wish to specify the proportion of tokens you’re trading publicly vs. those you’re allocating to developers and investors. Although there is no rule of thumb for this decision, you need to determine the best way forward.

Wide distribution of tokens: By its nature, token sales through blockchain is designed to reach a broad audience. Thus, it’s essential to avoid a situation whereby you put more coins in the pockets of a few individuals. A more overall secondary market helps you enhance your coins’ distribution.


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What are the benefits of the ico token sale?

Now that you understand the meaning of tokens sales and its key aims, let’s focus on the main perks of using the strategy:

Accessible to anyone

An experienced token advisory expert will inform you that an ico token sale is open to anyone once the presale token is complete. Unlike IPOs that have stringent rules, most of the upcoming token sales are anonymous. So, you don’t need to be extremely rich to participate in a Token sales process. This enables most of the adult population to invest by buying tokens.

Tokens target global buyers.

While Token pre sale 2022 targets specific audiences, public token sales are available for a global community. Targeting a global audience means an expansive funding base for your project, and the money will be available for use. However, receiving massive sums for an IPO bank account means freezing the account holding them.


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The token economy liquidity premium

Trading an ICO token means that the coin has value. And this value is available within a market operating 24/7. On the other hand, for initial public offerings, it takes a long time for investments to become exit-capable.

The token economy liquidity premium enables investors to participate in token sales with the same amount of finances. And this leads to prompt growth and availability of fluidity of funds.

Minimal barriers to entry

Technology-driven IPOs queue Silicon Valley and Wall Street. However, this requirement shrinks for token pre sale 2022 as the process can happen anywhere globally. Eligible projects can conduct their crowdfunding from wherever locations in the world. This overcomes the hurdles to entry that give specific geographic areas an advantage over others.

Prompt Buy-in

There are no hurdles present for a token sale 2022 between token buyers and sellers. If crypto is developed and inaugurated, it can be traded immediately to the market. This is a draw for a quick, effective process for companies and investors.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a crypto project, there are multiple perks that you can enjoy by using an ico token sale. The crowdfunding technique targets the global community and has minimal barriers. Also, there is instant buy-in and token economy liquidity premium. For a successful process, it’s essential to hire a token advisory agency to help you.

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