Benefits of choosing hydronic heating

When choosing a heating system for your home, there are numerous factors to consider, ranging from cost to energy efficiency.

You have probably heard about hydronic heating before, but might be unsure of why its the best heating solution for your home.

Hydronic heating is becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. Offering a silent, flexible and comfortable solution, there are many benefits over conventional heating systems.

Energy efficient

Hydronic heating solutions work by circulating heated water throughout the home. Heat is circulated through the pipes, then dispersed through radiators or underfloor systems, as part of a closed-loop system, which sends the water back through the pipes to be reheated once it cools. This maximises the efficiency of the system.

As water is a more effective conductor of heat than air, hydronic heating maintains its temperature more effectively and less heat energy is lost through vents and ducts.

Individual room temperature is much more easily controlled with hydronic solutions than with traditional forced-air systems. Room-by-room control provides greater flexibility by only heating areas of the house you are using. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heating stops, only to restart when the temperature drops, reducing wasted heat.

With low gas emissions and temperature monitoring capabilities, hydronic heating is the efficient choice.


When considering heating solutions, cost is a key factor. Running a heating system significantly impacts your monthly energy bill. In the long-term, there can also be additional costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

Due to effectively heating rooms at lower thermostat settings and losing less heat through windows and doors, hydronic systems can cut running costs up to 35 per cent.

Hydronic heating systems require very little maintenance compared to central or gas ducted systems. They generally have fewer components than air-forced units, which results in lower maintenance costs and fewer parts replacements.

Another cost-effective benefit of hydronic heating is reverse cycle air-to-water heat pumps, which allow for cooling as well as heating. This eliminates the need for a separate air conditioning system, saving you money.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Australians continue to be more environmentally conscious, with a desire to implement greener solutions throughout the home.

Hydronic heating can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. It uses less fuel than conventional heating systems and can work alongside solar energy as its power source. This means homeowners can run their heating system on renewable energy.

Better for your health

Many people might not consider the effect heating systems can have on their health, but for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, hydronic heating can be a much better choice.

Conventional systems, such as ducted heating, blow hot air through the home. This can cause dry eyes, sore throats and coughs.

Hydronic heating uses hot water rather than air to disperse heat. This means dust, allergens or pollens aren’t circulated throughout the home, providing a healthier environment.

Using water rather than air, is also less likely to dry out your home and will maintain better humidity levels and air quality.

Customise to suit your home

Hydronic heating solutions are flexible and can be installed in numerous ways. This makes it easier to choose a system that suits your needs and home design, whether it be underfloor heating, radiators or heated rails.

Heating systems don’t need to be unsightly. With hydronic heating available in various designs, units can be mounted on walls, ceilings or recessed into the wall or ceiling to hide them from sight. With a range of radiator designs in different colours and styles, they can be implemented to fit any home’s decor.

As well, as being able to suit any design, hydronic systems are highly customisable, from what fuel source they use to how they’re controlled.

Choosing hydronic heating

Hydronic heating is a worthwhile investment for any home, offering long-term savings as well as immediate health & environmental advantages.

For more information on the benefits of hydronic solutions, and how they can work in your home, contact the team at Hunt Heating.

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