Astronomical Events in August 2021: Jupiter at Opposition – August 19

When astronomers and astrologers say that Jupiter is at opposition on August 19, 2021, they mean that the planet Jupiter will be opposite to the sun in the sky. When Earth passes between Jupiter and the Sun, proximity causes the gas giant to look brighter and larger. In perigee with -2.9 magnitude, Jupiter will appear in the constellation Capricornus. Learn more about what makes this transit a good opportunity to schedule a session with animal psychics or any other type of reader for the best psychic readings online.

What Opposition Means

Jupiter will lie opposite from the sun in the sky when it is at opposition on August 19. This date is also when Jupiter reaches perigee, or its closest approach to the earth when it appears brightest and largest in the sky. In astrological terms, Jupiter corresponds with long-distance travel, business, education and wealth.

The planet Jupiter comes to opposition about every 13 months, which is the amount of time necessary for Earth to travel around the sun once relative to Jupiter. Every year, Jupiter reaches opposition about one month after the preceding year. Jupiter will be at opposition again on September 26, 2022.

The Effects of Jupiter at Opposition

The close proximity of Jupiter at opposition to Earth can increase its effects. The planet Jupiter is associated with the ego, and opposition may increase the effort needed to cope with the expansive nature of this planetary body. Jupiter is also associated with good fortune, growth, healing and miracles.

Regardless of the houses in which Jupiter appears on your birth chart, it is a good idea to seek out medium readings relating to achieving your potential while Jupiter is at opposition. These periods often coincide with a sense of growing pains or ups and downs. Those who are most strongly influenced could benefit from intuitive guidance, while others might want to harness the potential of this astronomical event.


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How To See Jupiter at Opposition

Jupiter is easiest to see when it is at opposition. This planet rises around sunset and sets at about the same time as sunrise. You may be able to glimpse Jupiter in the night sky unassisted. A good pair of binoculars may make it possible to see some of the moons of Jupiter. This planet has 79 moons in total.

If you view Jupiter at opposition through a telescope, you may be able to glimpse the bands around the planet and the Great Red Spot. Other planets also move into opposition at different points in time. For example, Saturn is at opposition and in perigee on August 2, 2021 and also appears in the constellation Capricornus.

Jupiter at opposition can offer opportunities for good fortune. It is important to recognize the potential for extremes linked with this expansive planet, including those associated with the ego and excess. You may experience growing pains or go through ups and downs when Jupiter is at opposition. Career, love or animal psychics can help you come up with the right approach to harness the power of this significant transit.

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