Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising is a vital aspect for driving new sales, engaging shoppers on and off amazon and creating the brand trust.  is crucial if you want to succeed in selling on this highly competitive platform.

The platform provides immense opportunities, brand protection and marketing benefits – much more than anything you can do by yourself. Why not take advantage and jump right in, with the tips we are sharing in this article, you can step up your Amazon advertising and make an incredible number of sales.

Amazon Advertising Guide

The most important part of amazon account management is setting your foundation. This includes creating great content for your listings, such as images, graphic design, product descriptions, titles.

1 – Content is King.. and it needs continuous attention.

One thing sellers often ignore, when it comes to Amazon advertising, is the keywords, advertising budget, but a continuous knit and picking of your content which means continuous optimization.

Before you jump into the pool of Amazon advertising, you have to be absolutely sure that your product listings are retail ready. And even when you think they are, you have to revisit and make changes every 30 – 60 days.

Amazon is changing every week, so do the SEO e-commerce trends. If you don’t keep up with the speed, your competitors will be too happy to take your spot in this very competitive marketplace. You want to reach more shoppers with Amazon advertising ? Great, but first make sure your content is top notch to turn the viewers into buyers.

2 – Make the Most of Your Photos and Videos Before you Start Advertising on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to place 6 photos per each listing. Our main recommendation : use every slot. You can get creative, but remember the regulations : the first image always has to be the image of your product on the white background. No packaging, no logos, no graphics. Only white background with your product taking the stage.

Another great tip : hire a professional product photographer. Yes, it is indeed possible to take photos by yourself but such photos are also easy to spot. You see a listing and immediately can tell that the photos are not taken by a professional. Will people still buy your product ? Maybe. Will they think highly of your brand ? No. This part of Amazon advertising is crucial, because photos are the first thing we look at when we see a listing.

3 – Boost your Brand with an Amazon Store

Amazon offers the ability to create a storefront, which is basically the window shop for your brand. Why is it so important to build and maintain a quality storefront ?

A great looking store front is a vital part of your Amazon advertising. It allows you to build your brand recognition, whether you’re a first-party or third-party seller. You can highlight the products you want to move and get more views on products that people may not be searching for as frequently. You can bring the viewer’s attention to the products he wasn’t even shopping for by displaying it in your amazon storefront in the most attractive way and make the best out of your Amazon advertising efforts.

Is Advertising on Amazon worth it ? It most certainly is. But it will not do much for your brand, if you do some optimization work before getting into the actual advertising and make sure your foundations are strong and up to date.

Amazon and e-commerce is the fastest growing platform, it’s everchanging, introducing new rules, new trends, new regulations. The strategies that were successful yesterday, look like the last century today. If you don’t keep up with the everchanging e-commerce machine, your products are not likely to be found!

Kishan Rana

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