9 Tips for Beach Photography That Shutterbugs Who Love to Travel

Most travelers are bound to end up on a beautiful beach on one or more of their travels. Here’s where some excellent tips for beach photography will come in handy. Even if you’re not an ardent photographer, you will invariably feel the urge to capture the scenic beauty of a beach. You don’t require fancy cameras for this. A modern digital camera will do just fine. In fact, even an awesome smartphone can do the trick. So, how about you follow some of these below-listed tips for beach photography the next time you travel to a beach? Take a quick look at these top beach photography tips now!

Best Beach Photography Tips:

There are scores of gorgeous islands in the world offering some spectacular beaches to explore. You can also book last minute flights for a vacation across the state to your nearest beach town. Are you wondering how to take good beach pictures of yourself on a solo trip? Worry not, it can be done!

Check some of these top tips for beach photography listed henceforth and learn how to take beautiful beach photos like a pro!

  1. Pick the right time

This is among the top tips for beach photography to keep in mind. Generally, the best time for beach photography either early in the morning or late in the evening – when the crowds are less and the sun isn’t as harsh. This is among the best sunset beach photography tips ever: taking beach photos when the sun is at an angle will be much better than when it’s overhead. You can also set your camera up for night beach photography settings.

  1. Avoid crowds but include people

Visit the beach when it’s less crowded, not completely empty. This will allow you to have most of the beach to yourself. If you’re visiting alone, find interesting people to photograph on the beach. Some of the best beach photography poses are the most natural ones. For instance, a shot of someone’s back as they watch the waves could look better than a frontal picture. This is among the best beach portrait photography tips to keep in mind.

  1. Shutter speeds matter

One of the tips for beach photography is to experiment with shutter speeds. Different speeds will offer you a variety of effects and will help you capture some amazing shots. For instance, using short speeds will enable you to freeze waves on film. It’s an awesome effect to capture when the waves are crashing on to the shore or rocks. Use a tripod if you wish to try long exposure beach photography. It will help avoid shaky hands.

  1. Use flash wisely

Do we need to use flash at the beach when there’s so much light already? Yes and no. Among the tips for beach photography is to use flash whenever necessary. An instance of this is when you’re taking pictures of someone or something. Have you ever noticed how shades are thrown on people’s faces by the hats or sunglasses they’re wearing? By using a flash, you can eliminate these uneven shades.


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  1. Bring a tripod and keep it steady

This is especially important for travelers who are serious about photography. Regardless of which beach in the world you are visiting on business class flights, always carry a travel-size tripod. Also, one of the tips for beach photography is to keep the tripod steady. Lug a bag full of sand over the tripod to keep it from falling. You can use rocks or other heavy objects to keep the tripod from sinking in the sand.

  1. Consider UV and Polarizing Filters

Among the tips for beach photography is to use UV filters and Polarizing filters. The UV filters will protect your lens and filter out UV light that can cause images to be blurry. Polarizing filters, on the other hand, are useful to filter out lights that are polarized. What this means is that it will boost contrast by effectively reducing reflections when you take pictures.

  1. Give family beach photography a try

Family beach photography is among the best beach photography ideas ever. Children run around and frolic in the water, sand castles are built, families can be seen wading together in the water, and a couple of stray adults can be found sunbathing lazily. What better beach photo op could you possibly want! While it’s understandable that’d you’d want to go camera-crazy, ask for permission before clicking away at random strangers.

  1. Try Black and White beach photography

Among the tips for beach photography is to try taking Black and White pictures. There is something very classy about Black and Whites that can make a picture seem entirely different than in color. You can also take faded or dull pictures and turn them into Black and White. You will be amazed at how the picture transforms and the stark details that come forth.

  1. Thinking outside the box will get you good results

No matter which beach you visit, taking pictures of the setting sun over the water is quite passé now. When you book cheap flight tickets for abeach vacation, among the tips for beach photography is to think outside the box. Look at the surroundings and envision your picture even before you click it. Is there a lighthouse nearby? What about a pathway that can feature in the photo? How about some big beautiful rocks? Put your camera skills to the test and click the most fab beach pictures ever!

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