7 Lesser Known Activities to Try In Gurgaon for a Weekend Getaway

Gurgaon was hitherto known as a commercial and business district in close proximity to Delhi and the hottest corporate destination in the NCR. However, recently Gurgaon has been developed as a versatile megalopolis, where in you can enjoy, entertain, work, and have fun with your family.

Gurgaon is no more a sleepy and boring town with only the office and residential buildings. There are lots of tourist attractions in Gurgaon such as Kingdom of Dreams, Ambience Mall, Fun and Food village, and Heritage Transport Museum, etc. But, if you are fond of adventurous activities and a little fun, you can try the following lesser known activities in Gurgaon.

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1. F9 Go Karting Racing Activity

Go karts are basically the small version of racing cars that we normally observe in Formula 1 racing circuits. There are designated tracks for these carts, where you can quench your thirst for this adventurous sport. If you the person, who watches car racing only on TV screens, then try this activity with your friends at F9 go karting and enjoy an incredible driving experience.

There are three packages of 7, 10 and 16 laps each. The highest package with 16 labs lasts for 45 minutes.

The time in 7 PM To 9: 30 PM every day.


2. Paragliding in Sohna

This fun activity is created for adrenaline rush. If you are bored of all the adventurous activities on the ground, try this one. The motored paraglide will take you high in the sky. The paraglide is powered by a motor and equipped with a propeller and a harness to control it in a better way. If you want to fly like birds, try this amazing aerial Safari in the NCR.


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3. Water Bank Resorts Damdama Lake

This is one of the best places to unwind in the bustling Gurgaon city. The water banks resort has been specifically designed for unwinding and relaxing. There are many fun games that you can try here that include volleyball, Sumo wrestling, spider’s web, rock climbing and velcro ball etc.


4. Fly India adventure Resort

If you just want to unwind and try some adventure, this is the perfect place for you. The adventure resort has been created on the concept of going back to the hunter gatherer lifestyle and bringing out the homo sapiens hidden inside of you.

Here you can indulge in fun activities such as tube-well bath and mud bath. Various Indore and outdoor games will remind you of your childhood. The outdoor activities such as volleyball or swimming are sure to refresh you. If you want to try some indoor activities, you can go for in-house music station. It will completely rejuvenate your senses. Fly India adventure Resort Gurgaon is for everyone and it is quite refreshing.


5. Botanix nature Resort Gurgaon

Located on the foothills of Aravalis, this is a retreat into nature. Modern games set in a village like location will surely enthrall you and your kids. Teach your kids the art of teamwork through the intelligent games like Tambola and Tug of War.

This is an amazing place where one garden is interwoven into another creating an exquisite feel of splendid nature around us. Here you will be in close proximity with nature, where you get an opportunity to rekindle your relationship with it. Bring the hunter gatherer hidden inside of you to the forefront and talk to the trees. The nature will leave you spellbound.


6. Kingdom of Dreams

It is not a lesser known destination, but it’s one of its kind of leisure and entertainment destination based on the theme of theatre. Here, you will find the fusion of modern and ancient India with the icing of technology. If you want to see the kaleidoscope of Indian culture, visit Culture Gully in the Kingdom of Dreams, which is the first of its kind of skydome that has different stalls representing the culture, food, lifestyle and fine arts of 14 different states of India.

There are world class theatres inside of it which showcase India’s diverse culture.

The entire Kingdom of Dreams is spread over six acres of land. Shahrukh Khan is its brand ambassador. It tries to showcase the rich heritage and culture, theatrical performances and music.

The Culture Gully inside the Kingdom of Dreams has everything that a curious traveler might need to understand Indian culture. Crafts Village themed restaurants and street art are some of the major attractions of Culture Gully.

There are different state pavilions inside it. They host various shows to showcase Indian culture through street performers and artisans. You can easily find budget hotels in Gurgaon, which will make your stay enjoyable and convenient.


7. Nautanki Mahal

This is the magnificent auditorium, where you can have cinematic experience. Its capacity is more than 800 people at a time.

Its main attractions include Zangoora, which means the Gypsy Prince. It is a great musical. Jhumroo is a musical comedy show to honor singer and actor Kishore Kumar. In total, Kingdom of Dreams is a perfect getaway, which will take you away from the monotony of life.


So, in Gurgaon you can satiate your thirst for adventure and fun. Try the activities mentioned above and discover the unexplored side of this business city. If you are visiting with your family, you can easily find hotels in Gurgaon for couples online.

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